Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Back!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen who actually read this blog, I am back! I am back in Provo and all moved into my new apartment.  I love my roommates and I can't wait for classes to start tomorrow.

So here is my recap from the last week:

Monday: I drove up to Utah with my friend Sydney, from Arizona.  It was really fun until the last few hours where we were hating the inside of my car and the scruffy looking mountains from Toquerville to Provo.  Overall, we had fun.  We listened to at least 5 hours of Disney music.  And found it quite ironic that "What Made the Red Man Red" from Peter Pan came on right as we were in the middle of the indian reservation.

Tuesday: Sydney and I went to Provo to take care of books and finding classes and I had to take care of some things for my major (I am applying this semester so I can start my program in January!) We also met up with our friends Alex and Kathryn.  The four of us walked down to Alex and Sydney's apartment and met one of their roommates before hiking back up to campus to my car. We finished out the day with a very successful shopping trip to the University Mall for Sydney.

Wednesday: Sydney and I went to lunch and to the mall with Alex and Kathryn where we all got matching necklaces that are adorable.  Sydney went with Alex and Kathryn to go back to Provo for their dorm reunion and I went back to my grandparents house to relax before going to a birthday dinner for my brother with our dad.

Thursday: I moved into my apartment! Well, I had all of my boxes put there and got about half way unpacked.

Friday: I finished unpacking and helped Sydney move into her apartment.  I also went with my lovely roommate Emily to get cupcakes for her birthday that was last week.  The cupcakes were quite delicious and it probably isn't a very good thing that the Cocoa Bean is so close to our apartment...Emily and I also stayed up until 2 am talking with our roommate McKensey who had just gotten to our apartment at 10:00 pm that night.

Saturday: I finished decorating my room, went on a date and spent some time with my roommates.  We rocked out on the piano and met some new people followed by a roommate pajama party where we watched Letters to Juliet (SUCH a cute movie, I loved it).  After the movie Emily, McKensey and I sat in our stairwell and watched an amazing thunder storm while drinking out hot chocolate.  It was a lovely night :)

Sunday: I started out by sleeping in until 8:30 and it was lovely :D Then I wrote letters to some missionaries, ate some breakfast and talked with my roommates-Emily, McKensey and Brittany.  We had an awesome time getting ready for church in our HUGE bathroom and we went to church.  I LOVE my ward so much.  The people are super nice and always smiling.  Sacrament meeting was good, the talks were what I needed to hear :) Sunday School was hilarious and I got to feel like a model when I got my picture taken for the ward menu...I mean directory...  Relief Society was Relief Society but I like student Relief Society better than in a family ward. We came home from church and made our dinners and welcomed one more of our roommates to our apartment.  We went to ward prayer and got to know some new people.  After prayer we got ourselves organized with a chore chart, cooking schedule and a paper with all of our class and work schedules listed so we know where everyone is :) And finally, we made predictions about who will be married first, second, third, etc.  It will be interesting to see if we are right...


Sydney said...

And where are you in the official marriage line-up?

MKC said...

2nd...The first girl already has a serious boyfriend who she has been dating since February.