Sunday, November 14, 2010

"It's Times Like These That You Need a Good Umbrella or a Boyfriend"

This is the advice that I got from my Book of Mormon professor on Monday after Heather and I walked into class dripping wet from the lovely rain :P In addition to the rain, I had a minor heart attack on Monday when I realized that an hour before my class, I had forgotten to print my 8 page paper that was due that day.  Heather was in class so I could not get her printer to work so I tried using the campus printer.  I downloaded the program but I could not get it to print.  I tried Heather's printer again and got it to work! It printed at 3:47 pm and I need to leave my dorm at 3:40 to get to class and still be early enough to get a good seat...I think others were having problems with their papers because I got there with 3 minutes until class started and I still sat in my regular seat :D Later that night for FHE our "family" went to the Bean Museum. 
Heather and our brother Tyler and Sasha the Liger

Me with my favorite animal :)

This is a Black Bear in the Brown Phase

Yes, I really was as grossed out as I look in this picture

Tuesday at Devotional I was told by David that I should practice the piano.  I actually listened to him because it has literally been a month at least since I last played.  I always forget how much I love the piano.  I actually played 3 or 4 times this week! I was pretty proud of myself :)  I also tutored again at the local high school.  It made me even more sure that I want to teach elementary school and not high school.  It also snowed in the middle of the day while it was blue skies and sunny.  It sort of reminded me of the randomness of the weather back in Marquette...Later that night I helped my friend Meagan with her math homework via Skype.  It was fun, as dorky as that sounds.  It made me consider taking a math class for a minute, and ONLY for a minute ;)

Wednesday nothing much happened.  It was Fiesta Night at the Central Building so Heather and I went over to Snow Hall and grabbed David and Alec to head over for food and salsa dancing...we only ate because we are lame xD After we ate, David went with Heather and I to the Creamery for Heather to do her grocery shopping.  David walked us back to our dorm and on the way over there were two guys that were running past us.  As they ran by, one of them did a front handspring thing and continued running.  David said, "That was for you ladies." Thanks for the clarification ;) Hahaha

Thursday I had a lovely date with Harold (aka I spent a good chunk of the afternoon in the Harold B. Lee Library on campus) followed by an RA meeting.  I'm considering being an RA next year.  I think it would be a great job for me.  I'm even thinking about being an RA for Spring/Summer terms followed by Fall/Winter semesters.  Since I don't have any other plans for a summer job, I might as well stay here and go to school along with working.  The new application comes out tomorrow so we'll see what happens.

Friday night Heather and I along with her friend Robert went to the Men's basketball opener.  It was super fun and I really got into the game but I warned Heather beforehand that that is what I tend to do.  We totally dominated and it was awesome :)  While we were there we saw Jordan working so we stopped to say hi.

Saturday was quite the day.  We started out by sleeping in very late (10:00 for me and 11:00 for Heather) Once we finally got up, we got ready and went to our Relief Society activity.  It was a musical program called "Women at the Well" It was really good and I quite enjoyed it.  Following that Heather and I went back to the dorm to clean.  We have cleaning checks on Monday so we decided we better get a head start on them now.  After we cleaned as much as we could, we sort of sat around and ate dinner while watching Harry Potter movies on TV.  At about 8:30 we decided we were bored and wanted to leave our apartment.  So we threw on some jackets and tall socks, grabbed keys, phones and a camera and set about wandering campus.  We took lots of pictures, jumped off lots of walls and benches and had a blast! At a little bit before 10:00 we got a hold of David and he came to join us.  Once we were super cold (about 11:00) we headed back to our dorm for hot cocoa.  On our way back we found Jimmy from our ward and invited him over too.  They left at about 11:30 so Heather and I started a movie.  At about 12:30 we called it a night and went to bed.  Then at 1:30 I got a call from Jordan returning my call from earlier.  When I woke up in the morning I thought the call was a dream and then Heather told me that she heard me talking to him.  I have NO idea what I said except for that when he asked if I was still awake I lied and said yes...When I talked to him today he told me that I made no sense last night, but he just went along with it because he could tell that I was completely out of it.  
Here are some pictures of our crazy shenanigans :D
Let the craziness begin!



Heather in her awesome hot pink shoes

In the Tree of Life sculpture outside of the McKay Building.  We were sad because last time we were there Heather's friend Aaron was there and this time he wasn't :(

Just chillin' outside the Testing Center

Epic piggy-back ride FTW!!

Failed jumping picture with David :(

The look on Heather's face right after David jumped over the post she is sitting behind and almost took off her head xD

Sunday was today! Heather and I went to Sacrament Meeting followed by going over to my grandma and grandpa's for dinner and birthday celebrations for my baby cousin and uncle.  We then came back and I went to our ward's musical fireside.  It was sooo good! I loved it :) Now I'm just hanging out talking to my friend Brittony on Skype :) But it is definitely time for bed

This upcoming week is my last week of classes before a weeklong break for Thanksgiving!! I can't wait :D

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