Sunday, December 12, 2010

Four Words For You Finals: You. Are. Going. Down.

Yup, I'm in the homestretch of my first semester at BYU! Finals start tomorrow!! Gah!!!!

Since I am a slight slacker and am only taking four classes, I am taking three finals on Monday (hopefully) and one on Tuesday and flying home to Marquette Wednesday morning!! I'm super excited :D I'm hoping I will do well on my exams.  I made it through my last week of classes in one piece, now I just need to get through finals.

Over the course of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I spent close to 15 hours with my good buddy Harold (aka I was in the library being anti-social for the past three days.  I seriously do not know how I still have friends).  I went to the library on Thursday with the hopes of getting a study guide filled out and my reading for my Book of Mormon exam done.  I didn't get everything done but I got most of it done on Thursday at the library.  My friend Jordan came to study with me for an hour or two before our brains were too fried to do much else so we headed over to the Cougareat to grab some dinner (neither one of us were able to function enough to actually cook something back at our dorms).  After letting my brain rest by going to a cookie social for Relief Society, Jordan and I studied some more for Book of Mormon later that night.

Friday I went to a Physical Science review from 10-11 followed by being invited by Emily to go get ice cream.  How could I say no to Creamery ice cream? Especially their peppermint ice cream! YUM!! :-d We proceeded to talk for 2 hours.  That was not what I was planning on doing but it ended up being very good and a nice way to make my brain stop hurting.  Then I was off to set up camp again in the library.  By the time I got home, Heather was just leaving for a concert so I sort of chilled and ate dinner.  Sydney and Alex came over for a chick-flick night.  We watched 27 Dresses while eating lots of chocolate and cookies.  Following the movie we ran outside barefoot in the rain because we were filled with euphoria and on a HUGE sugar high.  We came back in FREEZING and watched Leap Year while eating Graham Canyon ice cream.  After THAT movie we of course had girl talk :) They ended up leaving at like 2:30 in the morning but that's ok because we had fun and it was a good way to let my brain rest (again).

Saturday morning I headed to the library at 10:00! and was there until about 2:00ish.  When I came home, Heather and I were being filmed making Christmas treats and interviewed for a bit that is going to show on BYU-TV (I'll put up the link next week hopefully :) After we cleaned up our destroyed kitchen, we re-arranged it and had a little dance party before our friends Alec, David, Jordan and Emily and their friend Westin came over for a movie/game de-stress night.  Even with all of the guys voting, we ended up watching "She's the Man" It was SO funny! It is even funnier when watching that movie with guys because it is so AWKWARD!! David's comments through the entire thing made it one of the most entertaining nights ever.  After the movie we played a game and everyone left a little before midnight.  It was a wonderful night :)

Today we had our Christmas program for Sacrament meeting and it was super good.  I also taught in Relief Society and apparently did very well.  Sunday School was Sunday School.  Then I had tithing settlement followed by our home teachers coming over followed by dinner while Skyping my family.  Then I went to hall meeting and Ward Prayer followed by a visit from our visiting teachers (can you tell that it is the last Sunday of the semester ;) I Skyped with my dad for a little bit before my friend Alice came over for ice cream.  Then I called my friend Brittony and we talked for a good hour.  Now I'm writing this and will soon be studying a little more for my Book of Mormon exam and going to sleep.

I get to see my brothers and sister in THREE days!! I get to see my parents and my best friend in SEVEN DAYS!! I can't believe I'm so close to going home! I really cannot wait! I just have to make it through these STUPID exams >:-O

Oh well, it's all part of the BYU Experience, right?

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