Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last Week of School!

I can't believe classes are over! This has been such a great semester and I showed myself that I can take 17 credits and work and still come out alive :)

Monday-We had a ward FHE where we made Christmas boxes for needy families.

Tuesday-There was a wonderful devotional by Elder Callister about becoming men and women of integrity.

Wednesday-Last day of Joseph Smith class with Sis. Black :( I am so sad that that class is over. I learned a ton in that class and my testimony of Joseph Smith grew exponentially. It was also the last day of my art class. I am happy to be done with that.

Thursday-Last day of classes for the semester! I am so happy to be done! Now we just need to tackle finals...Ben's sister, Anna, had a University Chorale concert so I went with Ben and his family to go see her. Before that, we went with Ben's parents and his brother and his wife to dinner at an Indian restaurant.  It was delicious! I had never been to an Indian restaurant before and I really liked it. After the concert I went with Ben's family to Denny's and we had a great time.

Friday-Happy Reading Day! (Read as "Happy day where Meagan got almost nothing done") I finished a study guide for New Testament and that was the extent of my academic accomplishments of the day.  After dinner, Ben took me on a date to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point.  They were gorgeous! But it was too hard to take pictures :( When we got back to Provo, we watched a movie and had hot chocolate.  Yum!

Saturday-Happy Reading Day #2! I got more done than I did on Friday (but that wasn't that hard to do...) I studied for Children's Lit, Biology and my two religion classes.  I took a nap and went to the Ward Christmas party.

Sunday-Ben and I went up to Highland for his missionary companion's homecoming.  After that, we went to my grandparents where Ben spent the afternoon working on  my grandpa's computer and I attempted to study for my religion finals.

Sorry for the short post and the lack of pictures, but I've got to get back to studying...

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