Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Big Announcement

Monday: The weather was gorgeous! I wore sandals and didn't take a jacket to campus.  It was wonderful! Work and classes were fine.  The only downside was I hurt my thumb pretty bad when I was taking out the garbage.

Tuesday: Devotional was perfect.  It was just what I needed to hear and it fit in perfectly with what I had learned that morning in Marriage Prep.  Since I didn't have my evening class, I went with Ben and two other people from our advertising group to Buffalo Wild Wings again for more research.  It was lots of fun and I dominated at trivia :)

Wednesday: Classes were good.  Since my super late class is over, I picked up 3 more hours at work.  I got to eat lunch with Ben outside in the gorgeous spring weather.  After school, Ben and I had dinner and he dropped me off so I could go to a dance lab and he had to go get some allergy stuff from Wal-mart then we met at Institute.  Bronco Mendenhall spoke for a fireside and it was really good.

Thursday: Classes were good.  Work was fine.  The weather was gorgeous again so Ben and I ate dinner outside then we went to the Temple.  After we got out, we walked around the grounds.  We sat down on a bench and were talking for a bit.  Ben pointed out something that was behind me and when I turned around he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand :) Yes, the big announcement is that we are engaged!!! We are so happy :) We Skyped his family then drove around Provo to visit the various siblings.  We talked to my mom and sister, then my roommates, and finally my dad.  It was such a great day :)

Friday: Just the normal homework and group meetings and Jamba with Sydney, but Ben and I were engaged which made it better than usual :) We went roller skating that night for a date.  I didn't fall or hurt myself so that was a great accomplishment for me.

Saturday: Happy St. Patrick's Day! To start off the day, Ben and I went up to Bridal Veil Falls before it was supposed to start to rain.  We took lots of pictures and just walked around.  After that, we went up to Thanksgiving Point for a bridal fair.  We won a $75 photo pass to the Reception Gardens at Thanksgiving Point to take our engagement pictures there and we won $100 off announcements.  It was a very successful few hours.  After that, we went to Tucanos for an early birthday lunch/dinner.  It was soooo yummy.  We were both ridiculously full afterwards but it was great.  We went home and sat on the couch for a bit before I had to go do laundry.  After that, we went to a birthday party for Ben's friend Jenn.

Sunday: It SNOWED! What happened to Spring earlier this week? We had stake conference and heard lots of wonderful messages.  After church, we picked up Bridger and went to my grandparents' in Highland for a birthday dinner for me.  We told them and my aunts and uncles about our engagement and everyone was happy for us :) I got a princess cake with 20 candles and it was great.  My grandparents' got me a Cosmo Cougar PIllowpet.  Hunter got one for Christmas and I was quite jealous of it so they got me one too :)

It was such a great week :)

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