Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday: Just school and work.  For FHE, we filmed a video for our ward Oscar's night on Friday.  It was a lot of fun.  It took a while but we had a blast filming it.

Tuesday: Happy Birthday to me! I had a fantastic birthday :) It was full of happy birthday wishes and lots of love :)  The best happy birthday message I got was from Hunter it said: "Happy birthday! You are no longer a teen.  You're now half way to a mid-life crisis." Thanks Hunter.  How uplifting ;) I had class until 8:00 (boo!!) but after, Ben took me to Costa Vida for dinner and it was quite delicious.  After dinner, we went to his house and I opened my presents.  I got a pretty scarf and jewelry from my parents.  Hannah got me earrings and a necklace and Hunter got me a sweet pair of sunglasses.  And, last but not least, I opened Ben's present (which I didn't think he was getting me because he had just given me a ring last week!).  He got me a Kindle! I absolutely love it.  I can do readings for my classes on it and it is so much easier to do! I read a lot faster on my Kindle than I do on my computer.  After I opened presents, we went and got frozen yogurt, my favorite :)

Wednesday: More gorgeous spring weather! Ben and I ate lunch outside before having to go to work.  After work, we went grocery shopping and did homework outside in the wonderful sunshine.  We went to institute and I was completely exhausted by the end of the night.

Thursday: School and work were fine.  I got to teach in the schools for my dance class again and that was really fun.  After that, I picked up Ben from campus and we went shopping for clothes to take our engagement pictures in.  We were fairly successful! Ben got pants and a shirt and I got two shirts :) All in the right colors and sizes and everything! We were very successful.  And we only spent $16 :) After shopping, Ben and I picked up Anna and we went to Brick Oven with his aunt and cousin who were in town as well as Brooke and Gordy.  It was really fun to meet more of Ben's family :)

Friday: This was such a great day! I got lots of homework finished (I'm actually ahead in one of my classes!!) and I had a wonderful Jamba date with Alex and Sydney.  After that we had a quick advertising meeting.  Then I met up with Anna, Alex and Sydney and we piled into my little car to pick up Brooke to go wedding dress shopping!! We went to Allyse's Bridal and Lauren James.  I had so much fun trying on dresses and all of my lovely girls said I looked beautiful :) After dress shopping, I picked up Ben and we ate dinner and went to our ward Oscar's night.  The movies were great! Our ward is so creative and talented.  Here is my favorite video from the night. And here is the video my group did.

Saturday: Ben and I worked on homework for a few hours then went to the store, had J Dawgs for lunch, then we went up to Sandy to pick up tickets for a Real Salt Lake soccer game (they were free with our Pass of All Passes!) then we went back down to American Fork and looked at DI for a shirt for Ben with no luck. Then I started feeling really sick.  But, we kept on shopping.  We looked at Ross with no luck for a shirt, but Ben got a pair of new shoes.  I was feeling a little bit better so we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and got free wings :) After dinner we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and registered.  It took a reallly long time but it was really fun.  We came home and were completely exhausted.  But it was such a great day :)

Sunday: Church was amazing as always. The lessons and testimonies today were especially good :) After church, I finished making a birthday dinner for me and Brooke while Ben went home teaching.  Brooke, Gordy and Anna came over for dinner and cake and ice cream.  We ate outside because it was gorgeous! Then we came in and played Dominion.  Gordy and I tied with the most points.  After dinner we had cake and ice cream and us girls talked while Gordy gave Ben a hair cut (yay!)

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Ange said...

Happy birthday Meagan, and congratulations again!! :)