Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Week!

What a wonderful week this has been! I did something fun every night this week, a lot of those things were in connection to my birthday which made them even better :D

Monday~Happy Pi Day! Yes, it is a huge holiday on the BYU campus.  And yes, we are a bunch of nerds.  But that is ok :) Miss Emily came over and we had dinner together followed by the Breakfast Club coming over and help me finish off the cake from Sunday night's birthday party with the fam.  I spent the rest of the night licking rocks...don't even ask.
David brought me a balloon and chocolate as an early birthday present :)

Tuesday~MY LAST DAY OF LICKING ROCKS EVER!!!! I talked to my dad and to my brother for a while.  I got my brother excited (well, as excited as Bridger can get) to come out here for a visit in a few weeks and for him starting school here in the fall.  It was another BEAUTIFUL spring day.  Sunshine is the best medicine :)

Wednesday~Classes, homework, the usual.  I also hung out with Jordan for a bit before going to Jane Austen's Persuasion with Emily and some of her roommates.  I have officially converted to the Jane Austen Fan Club.  I am no longer an Anti-Austen.

Thursday~Only ONE CLASS!!! Woohoo!! I spent the rest of my morning doing dishes, laundry and homework.  Then Jordan came over to say good-bye before he left to go back to San Jose for the weekend to see his brother who just got off his mission last week.  I watched the BYU basketball game. We won!!! That made me happy :D After the game I went to my last dance lab.  It was even better than the first one! I mostly danced with Jason and Ramon.  We waltzed and cha cha-ed and it was fantastic.  They are both such amazing dancers and are very strong leaders which is good because they are both a level ahead of me and I was able to follow them into more advanced steps!

Friday~More homework and nothing too exciting.  I was quite the party animal and kicked off my Friday night by taking a Doctrine and Covenants midterm.  The rest of the night was spent watching Cinderella, painting my fingernails and catching up on some TV shows with Heather.

Saturday~Probably one of my favorite days of the week :) I woke up and went to a midterm review session for my civ. class (THE most boring class in the history of the world) After that, Emily took me out for lunch and ice cream as a birthday present.  We went to Olive Garden and it was DELICIOUS!! Cold Stone was our next stop.  Good thing we walked home...we were able to burn off some of what we ate ;) Once I got home, I was in a food coma for a few hours but pushed through and went to another review session for my civ. class with a guy from my ward and another girl from my class.  I came home and worked on my Relief Society lesson (only one more to teach!) and watched the BYU game.  We are headed to the Sweet Sixteen Baby! It was a fantastic game. So much fun to watch :) After the game, Miss Sydney came over and we had a princess party.  We watched The Princess and the Frog and The Swan Princess, made paper crowns and ate ice cream.  It was a wonderful night.
Ah, Cold Stone :-d

I swear, Sydney and I really are twins.  See? We matched without even planning it!

Pretty, Pretty Princesses :)

Sunday~ Today I am 19! Wow.  I'm getting old.  It was a very chill birthday which I quite enjoyed.  My dad was in town so he picked me up after church and took me to my grandparents' where he cooked me dinner (steak and baked potatoes: one of my favorites!) We then Skyped with the rest of the family in Michigan for a while before he drove me back to the Bubble.  I got bombarded with cake so I am declaring another cake eating party tomorrow night.

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