Sunday, March 13, 2011


Another AMAZINGLY fantastic week (with only one mishap).  I am SO in love with life right now! They say that your college years are the best years of your life. I can totally see why! I am having so much fun and am enjoying every minute of my BYU experience.  So many great things have happened this week!

I re-discovered this weekend just how amazing my friends are and how much they love me.  I had a girls night with Alex and Sydney on Saturday night.  We ate pizza, talked about boys, saw Tangled (third time for me!), got ice cream and I ended up sleeping over in their dorm with them.  I was having a rough day and they were so loving to me.  I don't see them as often as I should, I mean we only live MAYBE a ten minute walk apart.  Even though it is half way through the semester, I guess it is never too late to change things :)
This is Sydney.  She is my long lost twin sister.  Seriously, we are so similar in so many ways we SWEAR we were separated at birth.  
This is Alex.  She was the first friend I had at BYU.  She is one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest, most loving people you will ever meet.  She always makes me feel loved :) (plus her hair is FANTASTIC! ;)
No girls night is complete without Creamery ice cream :-d
Sleepover! We squashed their beds together and slept.  It was actually pretty comfy.  Jordan suggested we sleep perpendicular to the way you would usually sleep in a bed until he realized that we are all really tall and that wouldn't work out so well....

Jordan was also extra sweet this week.  He let me tag along with him to various events and didn't seem to mind (at least I hope not!) I went with him and Alec to our stake musical fireside on Wednesday night.  Friday night, I went to the A Cappella Jam to support him and Alec (who was able to do percussion!) and David who sang in the A Cappella Club Choir.  After that we all went to go get ice cream and it was great.  And Jordan also let me tag along with him and a few of his roommates to Stake Conference Sunday morning.  He also randomly, unexpectedly stopped by on Thursday to give me a hug because he knew that I had two mid-terms that I was pretty stressed about.  

Alec was a great friend this week too.  He helped me study for my Spanish midterm.  It took me 20 minutes to learn the words for peach.  But, Alec had SOOOO much patience with me.  Let's just say learning Spanish vocab is not one of my strongest abilities. ..but Alec was kind enough to work with me for almost an hour on it.  And I think my exam  went pretty well!

In addition to my friends being so wonderful this week, I also got to see my amazingly wonderful, crazy family :)  We had my birthday dinner (even though my birthday is next Sunday, my grandparents are going to be out of town so we had it tonight.)  My birthday week-and-a-half party has officially begun! I love my family so much.  I always seem to think, when I get back to my dorm after spending time with them, "That is what Heaven is going to be like."  All of us around.  Laughing.  Loving. And just being so happy it is ridiculous.  
Marley and Mitchell were hiding in the pantry, behind the potatoes.  Why? I have no idea.  My only explanation is that they are 5 and 2...
Miss Marley put the candles on my cake.  She was able to count all of the way up to 19 (I know! I'm getting old!) all by herself.  
Didn't she do a wonderful job?
Mitchell had to help me with those last two candles. ;)
  Three generations: My Gooma, My Aunt MaryAnn and me :)

Yup, I'm pretty sure the feelings and experiences I have had this week are as close as I will get to Heaven while I'm still here on Earth.  :)

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