Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Survived!

The first week of classes has ended and I survived. I am down to 17 credit hours and 19-20 hours of work a week plus at least 2 hours of homework every night (usually more like 3 or 4) but I made it.  I figure if I can do it a week at a time, I can do it. :)

Monday: First day of school! I had Joseph Smith and the Restoration taught by Susan Easton Black.  She. Is. Fantastic. She uses no notes and just speaks for an hour about Joseph Smith's life and the early history of the Church.  I love it.  It is going to be one of my harder classes but I think I will learn the most from it.  I also worked for 3 hours followed by my El. Ed. gym class.  It is lots of fun :D and it is a block class which means it ends in October so I will have 4 extra hours a week to do homework :D :D :D
First day of school with some of my roommates:
Brittany, me, Emily and McKensey

One of my other roommates: Ashley
We made cookies for our lovely girls who had homework on the first day of school :(

Tuesday: Second first day of school! I started out my day by working at 8:00 am followed by biology.  I think it will be an interesting class.  We don't have a text book per-se so most of the standard biology information we need to learn comes from lecture.  That is going to be an interesting way to learn. I had lunch outside with my roommate Emily and met up with Bridger to take some "first day of school" pictures.  After lunch I had my New Testament class.  This class is also going to have me learning lots! I don't really know as much as I should about the standard Gospels so I am very excited to learn more about Christ's life. After NT I have one of my favorite classes: Children's Literature.  Most of our homework assignments are to read children's books.  Anything and everything from picture books to 4th/5th grade chapter books.  I am so excited for this class.  We also have basically all of November off from that class because we have students who are doing practicums for the program.  After that I have History.  Now, I love history, but not this kind.  I have never really liked ancient history.  And of course this class covers the beginning of time up through 1500.  But my interest has already been sparked.  I think it is because my professor is LDS too so he has a good way of incorporating our beliefs into how the world thinks things happened.  He always says that even if you may not believe this is how history went down, it is still important to at least be informed how other people thing; this was something I had never been introduced to before, it was always this is how things are so memorize and regurgitate. After my final class of the day, I headed back over to work for another 2 hours before walking home to eat dinner and do homework for many hours.
 Second first day of school with the broha.

Wednesday: Wednesday was like Monday except for the three hours that I work in the middle of the day, I have art class.  I haven't taken art since 5th grade.  But my teacher has hope for all of us so I think I may enjoy it.  One of my roommates is also in that class with me so we are going to have fun attempting to make art this semester.  In gym, we jumped rope and hula hooped.  Hula hooping is still not a talent of mine but I just have to say, my jump roping skills from back in the day haven't left me.  I was probably the second best one in our class (the first was on a jump rope team in middle school..pshhh) After gym more work until 6:00 and studying on campus until my roommate got out of her late class.

Thursday: Repeat Tuesday and add in a Skype date with David and that sums up my day.

Friday: Friday's are awesome because I have no class.  I work from 8:00 am until noon and then I am free to do whatever I please...well, after I finish my homework...
Emily and I went to Wally World to get groceries and some necessary items for our apartment.  Then we attempted to do homework that afternoon...I made dinner and Emily and our roommate McKensey and I had a sleep over in our family room.
 Can I just say I love these two girls so much?

Saturday: My family came! I got to go to lunch with them and we bonded over a BYU football victory followed by going to a Real Salt Lake soccer game with two brothers, a cousin, a father and a grandpa.  It was a blast! Throw in some shopping and teasing and laughing and you get the perfect Saturday with my family.

 Real Salt Lake Soccer Team :D
 My cousin Madison with Bridger and I at the soccer game.
 Cosmo even made an appearance!

Sunday: Today I went to church with my aunt and her family.  Since she is in Primary, I went there with her (there was no way I was going to go to Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society by myself) so I got to sit with the Sunbeams (so cute!!) and the 11 year old girls.  We had Sharing Times on missionaries and people who could speak another language were asked to teach us how to say "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" in the language they know.  I know know (sort of) how to say it in Korean and Portuguese.  I also volunteered to teach the children how to say it in Spanish.  And let me just say, when I was teaching them, I spoke with the best accent I have ever had.  Usually I am a total and complete gringo when it comes to speaking Spanish but it was super cool to have the sounds coming out of my mouth be almost hispanic ;) I spent the rest of the afternoon with my family cooking dinner and baking and eating (our favorite past times). Then Bridger and I packed up and headed back to P-Town.  I unpacked all of the stuff my wonderful mommy bought me and my roommates and I cleaned the kitchen and watched one of the best movies "The Ultimate Gift" while eating yummy rolls our neighbor made and delicious treats that my family made.

I love my life :) I love my roommates :) I love school :) I love my family :) I love missionaries :) I love the Gospel :) I love learning :)

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