Sunday, September 25, 2011

One More Week Down

Another week has come and gone and again, nothing too significant occurred. But, I will continue to update whoever reads this blog with the uneventful happenings of my life.

Monday: Guess what? Yup, class and work and class and work.  For FHE we played Mafia.  I love my FHE family.  They make me happy :)

Tuesday: Just a blur of class and work.

Wednesday: Again, another blur of class and work.

Thursday: See above.

Friday: I started out the morning by going to the Temple with Emily and then I worked until noon.  I came home and went grocery shopping and worked on some homework.  I got a text from my friend Ben that he had two extra tickets to the football game and asked if two of the girls in our apartment wanted them.  Margaret, Brittany and Ashley were gone and McKensey had a date that night.  So I took one and Ben and I pressured Emily into taking the second one.  The one thing he didn't tell us until we got there was that they were 3rd row tickets.  Heck. Yes. To make it even better, WE WON!! WOOHOO!!!!

Emily was lame and left at half time. But Ben and I had a blast being obnoxious. And the second half was when the game got really good :)

Saturday: Our ward had a boating activity on Deer Creek Reservoir up in Provo Canyon.   It was such a gorgeous day and the water wasn't even that cold. I went tubing for the first time and had a BLAST! I even got some sunshine so I'm not as white any more.  After tubing we trekked home and showered off the lake water before trying to get some homework done.  I fell asleep but woke up just in time to do an hour or so of homework before the General Relief Society Broadcast.  The talks were amazing (as always).  I absolutely loved President Uchtdorf's talk on the Forget-Me-Not flowers.  It is one of those talks that I will always remember.  After the broadcast we continued our apartment homework party followed by McKensey, Ashley and I having a sleep over in the bathroom.  Yes, we pulled our mattresses into the bathroom because we could.

Boating Buddies! 
Ben, Emily, Me, McKensey, Uncle Kyle, Momma Lucy and Sister Emily

Bathroom sleep-over! Yes we are weird, but we are in college, so it's ok. :)

Sunday: What a lovely day at church :) I also am trying something new: I am singing in the ward choir. Apparently I can sing decently if I sing the alto part.  I actually enjoyed myself today at practice and am sort of excited to preform in church in a few weeks. We found out our home teachers are our Father and Brother Kyle from FHE (yes, they are both named Kyle: one is our dad and the other is our brother.  Actually, my brother Kyle was MTC companions with Ian Blotter, a guy from my Marquette Ward. It's a small world after all! Especially if you're Mormon!) and we got home taught tonight.  Ward prayer was fun and I actually socialized and talked to people I didn't know! What a concept!

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