Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spiritually Full

What a crazy week! It started out slightly rough (mostly because I didn't get enough sleep the previous weekend) but ended on such a high note!

Monday: Class, work, class, work, home, dinner, FHE, homework, sleep.

Tuesday: Work, class, devotional (Elder Andersen spoke on honesty.  SO GOOD!), class, work, dinner at the CougarEat followed by writing a first draft of a history paper.  My lovely roommate, McKensey, picked me up so I didn't have to walk home in the dark.  Isn't she just great?

Wednesday: I went to campus early so I could take one more test I needed to apply for my program.  I thought I would be able to do it before my class started at 9:00.  But of course I couldn't.  Due to technical difficulities, I had to restart my test at 9:05...I was about 20 minutes late to my first class.  Then I went to art where I discovered my lesson plan for next week's class got totally ripped apart :( grrrrr.  Gym was actually ok.  I rocked jump roping again.  I finished up my major application and turned that in (a HUGE sigh of relief!).  Then I went to work and waited for Emily to get done with class before we walked home to eat dinner and guess what? Do homework. Oh, I also found out that my best friend's brother got engaged.  He has been home from his mission for 6 months...weird.  But a happy, good weird.
Happy to have my application turned in!

Thursday: More work.  More class.  In biology, President Samuelson (the president of BYU) guest lectured! He had lots of really cool insights and even had a Q&A session with us where he answered pretty much any question we could throw at him.  It was one of the coolest classes I have ever had. I had a staff meeting and ate delicious bagels followed by more classes and work.  That night, Emily and I relived our freshmen days of long ago (ok, they weren't that long ago) by eating dinner at the Creamery before going to World of Dance.  It was AMAZING! Lots of different dance companies from BYU preformed and it was so cool! A great way to spend a Thursday night.

Friday: I went to the Temple not once, but TWICE! I went once in the morning with Miss Emily and again in the afternoon after work with Alex and Sydney.  It was so great to go! I needed some definite me time and I got the answers to lots of questions.  It was such a lovely afternoon.  After dinner and grocery shopping, I went over to Alex and Sydney's for a girls night complete with Disney movies and ice cream.
Aren't these girls beautiful?

Oh, the things we find while grocery shopping.

Saturday: I woke up did some laundry, de-mold-ify-ed our bathroom and did some much needed homework.  I got super excited for the Utah vs. BYU game.  But we are not going to talk about the result of that game...
Super pumped for the game, only to be disappointed :(

Sunday: STAKE CONFERENCE! Woo hoo! And guess what? No talks about marriage! Weird, I know.  But it was such a good conference.  I learned so much and got answers to my list of questions that was a mile long.  I had a lovely chat with my broha and another chat with my roomies :) I love them lots and lots.

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