Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Post

We are now only a few days away from Thanksgiving! Only a few more days until I see my family! Ahh, I LOVE Thanksgiving.  It has always been one of my favorite holidays. Well, enough about Thanksgiving.  (I need to save something for next week!) Here is the past week's highlights.

Monday: Our family had FHE up at the Bishop's house in Highland with another family from our ward. We had a great lesson by my roommate Ashley, a fun battle of the sexes type game and, of course, amazing treats.

Tuesday: Devotional-always a highlight of my week :) I also cleaned for cleaning checks.  I think I was still kind of sick seeing as I almost blacked out multiple times...I was super dizzy.  Weird.

Wednesday: Since we moved where our office is at work, we are no longer allowed to do homework when we don't have anything to do.  Instead, if it is the closing shift, we get to leave early.  So Wednesday night I worked the ending shift and there was nothing to do so I got out an hour or so early.  After work, Ben and I worked on homework on campus until Emily got out of her evening class.  After we walked home, I grabbed my bowing shoes and the football tickets from last weekend's game and Ben and I headed to the bowling alley for our free game of bowling thanks to our Cougs scoring more than 30 points at the game.  There was a wait so we ate dinner at Costa Vida. I loved it. I think I like it better than Cafe Rio. After dinner, we bowled our free game.  Ben didn't do so hot and I had a stellar game.  150. Yes, you read that right: 150.  I haven't done that well since my senior year of high school.  I got a turkey :) But no one was there to give me a Snickers :( Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Bowling was followed by even more homework. Yay.

Thursday: Thursday I had work and class.  I didn't have a work meeting so I went to a guest lecture with Ben for his PR class. I went to New Testament and then took a 45 minute nap in the Wilk because I was exhausted. A band was playing Van Halen songs on the terrace as I drifted into sleep.  I couldn't think of a better way to fall asleep :) I got a little bit of homework done before I headed off to history where we talked about the Mongols.  They were an interesting group, let me tell you...I went to work and grabbed dinner at the CougarEat after while I waited for Ben to get out of his class so we could go to the volleyball game.  Our girls lost :( but we still had a fun time watching them. I MISS VOLLEYBALL!!!!! After the game, we went to Ben's to do homework...I had finished mine so I got to help Ben with his.  We watched MegaMind for a research paper he is doing.  He has the best homework assignments!

Friday: I went to the Temple with Emily at 5:00 am and we were home by 6:00 which was nice because that gave me enough time to shower, start my crock-pot dinner and take a nap before I had to go to work at 8:00.  I worked until noon and met Sydney (and eventually Alex) at Jamba Juice for our weekly treat and chat. I tried something new! (At Ben's suggestion) And it was delicious!! I highly recommend the Apple Cinnamon Cheer.  It is amazing.  You won't regret it. After Jamba, I went home and Emily and I went grocery shopping.  After we got home, I watched the Sing-Off and attempted to do some homework. Ben came over and we ate the delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup I made for dinner with some of my roommates who were home (Emily, McKensey and Brittany). After dinner, Ben and I went to VOCAL POINT!!!! Yes, Ben is amazing and got us tickets to the concert.  They are fantastic.  I am amazed and what people can do with their voices! I love Vocal Point and I am so glad we were able to go on a date to see them!  What made the date even more perfect was as we were walking outside after the concert, it was SNOWING! Not just those measly flakes.  No.  It was the HUGE, fluffy snowflakes that make the world look like a snow globe. So we listened to Christmas music all the way home :) It was wonderful.

Saturday: Got up and cleaned the church and had ward choir practice.  Then Ben and I went to the Temple followed by a trip to see good ol' Harold (aka the library) so I could work on a poetry project for my Children's Lit. class. Came home and ate dinner and worked on a few things before heading over to the football game.  Our last home game of the season, and it was freezing. But we had a lot of fun, even if we couldn't feel our toes or our noses.  We decided to leave at the 4th quarter because we were winning by a lot and because of the temperature. The final score ended up being 42-7. We came back to my apartment and ate popcorn and drank hot cocoa.  It was another wonderful night. :)

Sunday: Sacrament meeting was amazing. We had three fantastic talks on repentance and redemption. You could definitely feel the Spirit.  My family history Sunday School class was really good too! Brother Kyle (my FHE brother/home teacher) is the instructor for the class and he did an amazingly fantastical job today. We were all really involved and I gained some new insights about family history. Relief Society was taught by my FHE sister Emily.  She is too cute :) After church, we were home taught by Brother and Father Kyle. They are some of the greatest home teachers in the world. After we were home taught, McKensey, Brittany and I ate dinner and had a post-dinner snack before Ben came over and the four of us played games until I went to tithing settlement/ward prayer. After ward prayer Ben and I went over to his apartment and talked to his roommate Josh and we watched Veggie Tales. Another fantastic Sunday I'd say. :) 

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