Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yet Another Week Has Come and Gone

Monday: FHE! YAY! I feel like I haven't been in forever because last week we didn't have it due to Halloween, the week before was the ward Halloween party and the week before that, I was taking an exam :( I missed my family! For our activity we played Helen Keller Karaoke.  Yes, it is as awful as it sounds.  You put in ear buds and get blindfolded while the DJ picks a song for you.  Then you have to sing it.  Some of my family got really into it and it was fun to watch.  I hated it when it was my turn, but it wasn't worth the fight to not do it.
This is the gorgeous sunset I saw on my way home :) 

Tuesday: I had a lovely chat with my roomies after dinner...for almost 2 hours...we got absolutely no homework done.  But, even though it wasn't ideal, we had a blast just chatting :) I also made cookies for my apartment and took some over to Ben because his head was exploding from studying for his logic exam.

Wednesday: I only had one class and no work! My art class got moved to Friday so I only had Joseph Smith at 9:00.  Our office was moving upstairs and when my shift was supposed to be, they didn't need any help so I got the day off :) My plan was to go to class then come home, be back no later than 10:30 and get to work on a 3-hour art project and some serious reading I needed to get done.  But no.  I came home at 10:15 only to find that I left my keys inside...and the door was locked. I called my two roommates who I knew weren't in class but no one answered their phone.  Soooo, I booked it back to campus to find Emily and borrow her keys but she was in class and didn't answer her phone. Luckily I had homework to work on while I waited.  I got a phone call from Ashley saying she saw I missed a call and asked what was up.  I told her what was going on and she said that she was home and the door was unlocked.  I booked it home again (this will be the third trip I've made in 45 minutes) and found not only one but two roommates...who had both been home the entire morning.  Yes, it was quite an awful morning.  But it did get exponentially better :) I left a note for someone in the testing center, so that made me happy :) Also, I went with Ben to the Divine Comedy tech show.  It was HILARIOUS (as always) and it was free which made it even better.  I really like the tech shows because you get to see all of the sketches instead of just the ones that make the cut. Also, we found out that Ben made it into WASHINGTON SEMINAR! Washington Seminar is an internship program in Washington D.C. He is super excited and I am very excited for him! It will make for a long summer for both of us but it is such an amazing opportunity for him!

Thursday: Nothing too exciting happened.  It was my first day in our new office! I really like it up there. But other than that...nothing really.  I took Emily to French Club and then went to Ben's to work on homework. Woohoo. Homework seems to consume my life.

Friday: I was siiiick. Yuck. I was up all night with my stupid stomach pains and they didn't go away until about 1:00 or 2:00 that afternoon and by that point I had an awesome case of vertigo and felt like my head was going to explode.  Needless to say, I did not go to work but rather, spent then entire day on the couch (literally, I moved to shower and to eat my meals) doing my reading and other homework, sleeping, and watching movies. Ben came over and watched a movie with me so it ended up being not a terrible day.

Saturday: I felt pretty much back to my normal self.  (I think days like Friday are days that my body is telling me I need to slow down, calm down, and make sure I'm taking care of myself.  I kind of need those reminders sometimes and because I'm stubborn, making myself sick is one of the only ways I will myself...that doesn't make any sense really...) Anyways, I cleaned the church, went grocery shopping, took a quiz, worked on a biology project, finished a book for Children's Lit, got gas,  and went to the football game.  We killed Idaho 42-7.  It was cold, but even though I was freezing my butt off, it was the perfect fall night for a football game.  It isn't really football unless you're freezing :)

Sunday: The choir preformed in Sacrament Meeting today. And Ben, Bridger and I went to my grandparents' house to celebrate the November birthdays.  Someone (sometimes 2 people) have a birthday every week starting with Marly on November 3rd and ending with Justin and Morgan on December 3rd.  My Uncle Russ was there! That was a surprise. I didn't have time to prepare Ben...but he still likes me so I guess it went ok ;) Russ was giving a fireside in my grandparents' ward so we went and listened to that.  After we got back to Provo, I dropped off Bridger and Ben and I went home to have a lovely girls night with my roommates.  Probably our last one with Margaret before she gets married! We had an absolute blast. I love these girls so much. :)
 Birthday celebrations in the Cherry family are always wonderful :)

 We kinda love each other a lot. 
Look! We can get along and not fight about who gets to do the dishes. 

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