Sunday, January 15, 2012


Only the second week of classes and I am totally and completely exhausted! Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep this long weekend and get ready for the rest of the semester.

Monday: I had my first advertising class and it was so great! My professor is super funny and I think I am really going to enjoy the class. The only downside of Monday was that I felt really sick and wasn't able to go to the ward FHE.

Tuesday: Campus devotional was by President and Sis. Samuelson and it was really great! They mostly talked about why they love BYU and it was a good reminder to make sure that we as students are always representing BYU wherever we go. I had class until 8:00 that night and was completely exhausted when I got home.

Wednesday: Wednesday I survived my two really long classes in the morning and had lunch with Ben after.  I did some homework and took a nap before going grocery shopping.  Then I grabbed some dinner and headed out to my late class.  By the time I was done with that at 9:30, I was again completely exhausted.

Thursday: Thursday I think is my favorite day.  I have my two favorite classes (Marriage Prep and Dance) and I only work from 10:00-2:00 and I am home a little after 4:00.  I made a delicious dinner (you can see the recipe here) after which, Ben took me to see the Young Ambassadors which is a musical, singing/dancing performance.  It was so good! I loved all of the music and the dancing was spectacular.

Friday: I was productive and got my homework from the week done by noon then I had Jamba Juice with Alex and Sydney.  I missed them so much! I am so glad we get to have our weekly catch-up chats :) After lunch, I went to the Temple then Ben and I hung out and ate dinner and watched a movie.

Saturday: I was productive and got my laundry done! Woohoo! Ben took me to lunch and since the weather was sooo gorgeous, we went up to Lehi to go mini golfing at Trafalga.  I won :) We got back to Provo and made some dinner and ate a little bit before going to the men's basketball game with Gordy and Brooke. It was such a blast! After the game they came over for smoothies which was also a lot of fun.

Sunday: Church was lovely as usual :) I got new Visiting Teachees and set up appointments for next week. After church and dinner, Ben and I watched the CES fireside from last week by Elder Jay E. Jensen on the Holy Ghost.  It was a really good fireside that  gave me things to think about and an opportunity to look at my life and see how I am doing in certain areas :) After we watched the fireside, we went to Ward Prayer which is always good and fun. :)

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