Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Another Week

Monday: No school! Woohoo!! Ben and I just kind of hung out and had a chill day.  Nothing too exciting happened.

Tuesday: Devotional by Sis. Beck! It was so good! Until I got sick and had to leave before it was over. Ben walked me home and I sat on the couch and slept all day.

Wednesday: My 3 hour, 8:00 am class got canceled! So, I only had to be on campus from 11-12:30 which was wonderful.  Ben came home with me and we ate lunch and did some homework until he went back to campus for class and I continued to do homework.  I went to my late class that got out 40 minutes early! Which means I was home by 9:00pm :)

Thursday: School and work and class.  Then Ben and I ate a quick dinner at my house before heading up to Salt Lake to go to the Grizzlies Hockey game.  I missed good hockey games and I am so glad we went! With our Pass of All Passes, we got free tickets to the game that were really good seats.  We parked across the street from the arena so we didn't have to pay for parking.  I entered one of those texting contest things to win a period of the game in the Maverik Suite.  And I WON! Ben and I got to watch the last period in the suite eating tons of free food (which was perfect because we had just been saying how hungry we were and where we were going to stop on our way home.) Grizzlies won and we even had a hat trick which meant that Pizza Hut gave us coupons for free pizza.  Definitely a very fun date :)
Us in the suite :) 

Friday: I did homework in the morning, met up with Alex and Sydney for our weekly Jamba Juice and ate lunch with Ben before we headed up to Salt Lake again to babysit his nephews while his sister and brother-in-law went on a date. Those boys are so cute and always keep me smiling :) They are easily the most adorable little boys I have ever seen in my life.

Saturday: I did homework for what seemed like all day. It was rainy and snowy and cold so I really didn't want to do anything which is probably why it took so long to finish my homework. That night, Ben and I went to the Men's Volleyball game.  We won! It was a very intense game that involved playing all five sets. There were plenty of amazing saves and plays.  It was super fun to watch.

Sunday: I made banana bread and our home teachers came.  Church was wonderful :) I know I say that every week but it always is.  I went with Bridger and Ben to my grandparents' for dinner which was delicious. My Uncle Justin was hilarious!

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