Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are We Done Yet?

I decided this week that I will be in a permanent state of exhaustion until my children are out of my house. So, I might as well get used to all of this...

Monday: Our first FHE with our new families! Becca, my roommate, is my mom :) And the rest of our family is awesome! We have two guy apartments and two girl apartments. None of the other girls showed up :( But our brothers are awesome! We are going to have an awesome semester.

Tuesday: We had a campus forum instead of a devotional. The speaker was Mark DeMoss. He talked a lot about what being a Christian means and a lot about civility. It was a very good talk and it was so refreshing to hear someone who is not LDS share some of his similar views on society and the way we should conduct ourselves.

Wednesday: My multicultural education class makes me want to change the world. Well, I know I can't change the world but I can help one student at a time and that makes me so happy! My IP&T class (which is basically about how to assess students and track their progress) makes me want to fall asleep. And my super late TELL class (Teaching English Language Learners) makes me wish I knew Spanish better. I went to the grocery store and took a much needed nap. I also got the funniest text from Hannah:
Dear Meagan, in school we are in fake families for an immigration unit and I am married to a Ben and he is tall. In your face!
Ben laughed. I laughed. Who knew 8 year olds could be so funny?

Thursday: I woke up with a really sore throat and stuffy nose. Luckily the first thing I had was work at 10:00 that morning and I only had one class that got out early. After class, Ben and I went to my apartment where I made dinner for our dinner group. I made this Enchilada Lasagna. It was pretty good. The instructions aren't super clear so I kind of winged it and discovered that I need to layer the tortillas better next time I make it and thankfully I didn't buy the five cups of cheese like it says to, I didn't even use 2 cups and it was plenty. After dinner, Ben had to do some Elders Quorum stuff so I was unproductive with my roommates and it was great :)

Friday: I went to do homework with Ben on campus for a few hours then I met up with Alex and Sydney for Jamba. After Jamba, Ben and I went home to eat some lunch then we worked on some homework before going to visit Anna. For our date this week, Ben took me to Divine Comedy. It was really funny. Some of the shorter sketches weren't as good as past ones but it was still very fun.
I even got one of the big glow sticks from the show.

Saturday: I woke up and did laundry then picked up Ben from campus and we went to go take Anna to lunch and to see how her audition went. (She was auditioning to get into the piano performance major here at BYU which is really hard to do but she is an amazing pianist and she thinks she did pretty well :) After lunch, we dropped off Anna and went on a little adventure to Bridal Veil Falls. It was a really icy walk and pretty chilly but it was fun. We had a little snowball fight and took some pictures. We went back to Ben's to do some more homework then we ate dinner and went to the BYU Men's Basketball game. We lost :( We played terribly :( AND it was easily the worst refed game I have ever seen in my entire life (and I've been to and played in a lot of sporting events).

Sunday: I had kind of a lazy morning getting ready and I talked to Becca and Kensey a lot which was wonderful :) I love those girls so much. I was visit taught at 10:00 this morning. Then I did my usual Sunday things: index, start to blog, do some religion readings and eat lunch. I went to church. We had our Bishopric have a dating panel for all of us for our fifth Sunday lesson. Ben and I are doing everything right. After church, Bridger, Ben and I went up to Highland again for dinner and to celebrate my grandma's birthday. Dinner was good. My family was funny. Ben fits right in. When we got back to P-Town, Ben and I went to ward prayer and I finished up my visiting teaching for the month.

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