Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Week Down

Monday: I went to an elementary school with McKensey for a class assignment.  We got to interview two kids who are English Language Learners (ELL students) and they were so cute! After our interview, the class was learning a folk dance and the teacher had me and McKensey dance with the kids and it was so much fun :) After that, I went to class and work and class and a review session for my Advertising class before our midterm.  I went to FHE and did some homework before finally going to bed.

Tuesday: Marriage Prep was fantastic. Devotional was great! It was given by Dr. Fletcher who is a chemical engineering professor.  He told us about his ancestors and told us seven things that he learned from them and their lives that we call all apply to our lives.

  1. Be both good and great.
  2. Do your best in school and at work.
  3. Stay true to your testimony.
  4. Serve faithfully in your callings.
  5. Be devoted to your spouse.
  6. Have a positive attitude.
  7. Be humble and try to be like Jesus.
Work and dance were fine. My Foundations of Education class was interesting, as usual.  I really like how that class is driven by our discussion and what we want to talk about. After class, Ben walked me home and we studied for two hours for our Advertising midterm.

Wednesday: My Multicultural Education class was fantastic. I always look forward to that class, even though it is three hours long and starts at 8:00 in the morning.  It is so interesting and fascinating to me. At the end of class, we watched a clip from Freedom Writers and a clip from a primetime special on the story.  It was so powerful and showed what a great teacher has the power to do.  I was on such a teaching high, ready to go change the world one student at a time.  Then I had IP&T which is one of the most boring classes in the entire world.  It is even more boring than my Civ. 202 class or my History 201 class.  After class I walked home and met up with Ben so we could have lunch and study a little more for Advertising.  I dropped him off at class on my way to the grocery store.  It took way longer than I was expecting so I just parked on campus and waited a few minutes for Ben to get out of class then we took our Advertising midterm.  I did pretty well :) So I was happy. We went home and ate dinner before I went to my late TELL class. After class, I went to Ben's for a little bit before going home and going to bed. 

Thursday: Marriage Prep was awesome! I learned so much! Work and class were fine.  Ben and I walked home together and I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner and it was pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised. :) After dinner, I went with Ben, McKensey and our friend Mikayla to the mall for our community project for Multicultural Education.  The project we decided to do was to go to the mall and only sign.  Both Ben and Mikayla have taken at least one semester of American Sign Language at BYU.  McKensey took a few years of it in high school and since Ben signs all the time, I have picked up on it pretty quickly.  So, McKensey and I were interpreters for Mikayla and Ben.  It was very interesting to see people's reactions to us.  When we went into stores, the clerks were going to come help us but then they saw that we were signing so they turned away and tried not to stare at us. 

Friday: I went to campus with Ben at 8:00 to work on homework while he did TA stuff. And I got basically all of my homework done! I went to Jamba Juice with Alex and Sydney :) After that, Ben and I went to our Advertising group's meeting to start putting together some stuff for our campaign.  After that, we went home and ate a late lunch and worked on homework for a few hours.  We ate a quick dinner as I was getting ready for our Valentine's date to the ballet (since I have class late on Valentine's Day).  We went to see The Snow Queen on campus and it was so wonderful! The costumes were beautiful, the sets were amazing, the dancing was gorgeous.  It was a very fun date. 

Saturday: What a great, happy day! I slept in and after I woke up, I started doing some cleaning since cleaning checks are next week. Ben came over for lunch and then we went to the library for a few hours to finish up some homework. After that we went home and got ready for the Men's Basketball game.  We won! AND we scored over 80 points, so after dinner we went to Yogurtland with Anna and her roommate Cassie and got five free ounces of frozen yogurt.  It was delicious. After we dropped the girls off at their stake dance, Ben and I watched 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.  I LOVE that movie :) And I haven't seen it in such a long time. Oh, and we also got valentine's from Ben's mom. (Thank you Sis. Nielsen!)

Sunday: I woke up to lots of snow falling which made me super happy. :) It was ward conference today.  We had really good talks and lessons in all of our meetings. We came home and ate a quick dinner before picking up Anna and going to Brooke and Gordy's to see Mike and Amy and the boys.  Aaron gave me a valentine and I got to hold and play with Bradley a lot. :) After seeing them, Ben and I went to ward prayer.  I had to leave early because I felt really sick and felt like I was going to pass out.  So, I basically spent the rest of the night laying on the couch until I managed to go to bed. 

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David and Bonnie Nielsen said...

You're Welcome, Meagan! (for the Valentine)

Thanks for keeping me updated. I would never know what is going on with Ben without your blog. Ben tells me all I have to do is ask, but who knows the right questions to ask!?

I loved the signing story at the mall. What fun!