Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Week With Two Mondays, No Tuesday, A Double Date And No Free Yogurt

Monday: Happy President's Day! To celebrate having no school, Ben and his friends put together a Sterling Ward party.  We had a bowling tournament at the Wilk.  I didn't win, but I did get a turkey (three strikes) in the 10th frame of my last game.  That was pretty exciting :) After that we all went to Ben's house (since it is so huge!) and ate lunch and talked.  After lunch, everyone except Brooke, Gordy and Anna left and the five of us played Gordy's new game, Dominion.  I was actually just watching/on Ben's team and it seems like a game I could play and not embarrass myself too much.

Tuesday: BYU said it was Monday.  That meant five and a half hours of work, IP&T and Advertising.  Nothing else too exciting happened.

Wednesday: The weather was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! I wore sandals all afternoon :) When Ben was at class, I had a little outside party with Ashley and McKensey. We painted nails and talked.  It was great! After that, Ben and I went grocery shopping.  I used lots of coupons and felt awesome about saving lots of money :)

Thursday: Classes and work.  Pretty normal.  The exciting moment of the day was when I got a voicemail saying I had won a pearl necklace from jewelry store in downtown Provo from a drawing I had entered a few weeks ago.  Thursday  night, Ben and I went to the last women's basketball game.  There was a pizza party afterwards so we ate a TON of free pizza.  During the game Ben told me that if we scored 80 points, he would take me to Yogurtland.  He was quite surprised when we did score over 80 points and he ended up taking me to Yogurtland.  We tried a new flavor, Mango Mixer (or something like that) and it was super yummy.

Friday: I got a lot of homework done.  Jamba with Alex and Sydney was wonderful.  Our advertising meeting was great.  The weather was nice again so Ben and I went to Trafalga to play mini-golf.  We made dinner and got ready for our double date with my roommate Becca and Ben's co-worker Mark.  We went ice skating.  Now, if you know me at all you know that I absolutely hate skating of any sort and skiing and basically anything where objects (besides shoes) are strapped to my feet. But I ended up having a fantastic time.  I didn't fall at all and I ended up getting a million times better than when I started.  By the end of the night I could skate a faster than snail pace all by myself, without holding onto the wall or Ben's hand. Becca said she had a great time too! She loves ice skating and she said that Mark was super nice and was a great date.  The only downside was that I didn't wear tall socks because I wasn't thinking so I got a good sized blister on my ankle.

Saturday: I finished up the little bit of homework I had left and Ben, Josh (his roommate) and I went to Trafalga again since it seemed so nice out.  Turns out that it was super windy so we only played 9 holes outside before coming in to play the indoor course.  After we came back and had lunch, we went and picked up my necklace and ran to the grocery store to get a few things that we needed. Once we got back, we met up with Gordy (and later Brooke) at the last home men's basketball game.  We won! But didn't get 80 points (we only got 76, so close!) so we didn't get any free yogurt. We had a lot of fun talking to Brooke and Gordy before the game started (we were there for an hour and a half before the game.)

Church was lovely :) We had an FHE group potluck dinner.  Our group and another group got together and had breakfast for dinner.  It was very good with lots of food and lots of fun people. I Skyped with Hannah for a bit for her birthday.  I can't believe she is 9 years old!
This is my roommate Becca.  We decided to be twins today.  At church today we even got asked if we were sisters.  Becca is very sweet and I absolutely love talking to her. :) 

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