Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Yes, Dory from Finding Nemo has been telling me all week to just keep swimming. Why is it that Winter Semester always seems to drag on? I am ready for the springtime: sunshine, flowers, bright blue skies, my birthday, bright colors, birdies singing, cool evening walks that only require a light jacket.  Ah! I can't wait.

Here is another week's recap:

Monday: A day filled with work and class, FHE and homework.

Tuesday: A guy was hitting on me on my way to Devotional.  He was sad to hear that I had a boyfriend. Devotional was good (as usual!).  At work I listened to Conference talks all day. It was great! My classes were great.  After class, Ben, Anna and I went grocery shopping.

Wednesday: Class and no work! After lunch, I did some homework and worked on a few projects before Ben was done with class.  We went to dinner at Zuppas then I went to my really late, long class.

Thursday: I slept through my alarm and missed Marriage Prep :( That is my favorite class too! But, I made it to work on time and I won a $15 iTunes gift card in the Wilk. My dance class got out super early and the dinner I made turned out pretty good :)

Friday: Homework with Ben and Jamba with Alex and Sydney and more homework all afternoon.  Ben and I picked up our free pizzas from Pizza Hut for dinner and went to the Men's Volleyball game against Stanford.  They beat us.  After the game, we went to Ben's and watched Tangled :)

Saturday: I got up and went to the Temple with Ben.  It was packed! I have never seen so many people there before. After the Temple, we went to lunch at Firehouse Subs and got our free frozen yogurt from Yogurtland. Since it was nice and sunny, we went to Trafalga and golfed outside.  We came back home and did homework for the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday: Church was wonderful! I love going to church every week and I am so happy that I am part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! It is really where I find joy and happiness :) After church, Brooke and Gordy came to Ben's for dinner.  I made tomato basil pasta stuff that turned out pretty good.  I didn't burn the house down or totally destroy the dinner, so I consider it a success. After dinner we played Cranium.  Gordy and Brooke won.  Ben and I think it is because they are married. We drank smoothies and ate cookies then Ben got his hair cut (yay!) and Brooke and I talked about girly things :) It was a wonderful evening.

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