Saturday, October 16, 2010

poems, Poems, POEMS!

So I really like poems, like a lot :) I was reading through my journal I found some that I wrote down that I love.  I hope you enjoy :D

Walking in the Park
I didn't fall for you,
Or you for me;
Yet we were in love
In love with the world around us,
In love with beauty of life,
And we enjoyed each other's
As friends.

“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”
Every day as I enter my room it stares at me,
That stunning poster.
The single white daisy among a dozen red roses.
“Be your own kind of beautiful,” the subtitle reads.

I never thought much about that poster until tonight.
As I was getting ready to go out, I looked at that poster as I was doing my make-up.

“Be your own kind of beautiful” the daisy seemed to whisper to me.
I reflected on the thought wondering if I was my own kind of beautiful.

I know I’m not beautiful by worldly standards,
I’m not a size zero, paper thin, bronzed goddess.
Nor am I the fair, thin, princess with dainty feet.

The more I think, the more I realize that I AM my own kind of beautiful.
I care enough to make myself look nice,
I’m not drop dead gorgeous,
But I am beautiful in my own way.
With a smile on my face and confidence in my steps
I am my own kind of beautiful.

I am the single daisy
Marching out into a world of roses in my four inch heels
Beaming from ear to ear and walking with poise.

“Be your own kind of beautiful”
The best advice a poster has ever given.

The Dance
A dance is a simple thing.
One song, two people.
One movement, one connection.

Holding each other close,
Moving to the beat.
Swaying and gliding
Across the floor.

You don’t need to talk,
The song says everything.
Describing everything you want to say
But can’t find the words to speak

His hand on her waist.
Hers on his shoulder.
The others together
Resting on his chest.

A dance is a special thing.
An easy way to show you care.
Whether it’s in the kitchen,
Or in the gym;
Out in a parking lot,
Or under a street light,
It holds a million memories

Some may say a dance is a dance
But it’s more.
It’s a living, moving thing.
It has a life and a feeling
Of it’s own.

A dance is a simple thing.
One song, two people.
That’s all you need.

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