Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween to all of you who actually read my blog!!

It's been another crazy week of college life but the things worth writing about have definitely happened within the last few days :)

So Friday was just basically awesome.  I went to a reading by an author who wrote the book that my Late Summer Honors class was based on.  His name is Brian Doyle and he is one FANTASTIC author and person.  During my Late Summer Honors class we were actually able to interview him and have a conversation with him over the phone.  I went to the reading with my friend Jason who was also part of my class.  We had an awesome time and were able to get Brian Doyle to sign our books.  It was pretty epic :) I was also able to go to the Temple again this week with my friends David and Sydney.  We actually took a picture too!! It's one of my favorites from this semester :)

So Saturday night was our Stake Halloween Party/Dance thing.  It was super fun.  Heather (my roommate) and I had probably some of the best costumes ever!  She was Mac and I was PC (from the commercials)  What made this even more funny is that Heather has a PC and I have a Mac.  We met up with some of our friends at the dance and had SO MUCH FUN!!!  Here are some pictures :D
"Hi. I'm Mac..."

"And I'm a PC."

Ummm...Hold on a second...What's wrong with this picture?

One of my FAVORITES of Heather and I.  I think this describes our relationship quite well :)

So this tie is from my guy friends' RA.  I learned how to tie it all by myself! I know it looks bad in this picture but at this point, I was super hot and tired.

Me with Snape...I mean Jordan...and David

ALEC!! He's a flower.  It made me smile :)

The Chicas!! PC, Mac and the Goddess Nike (aka Emily)

Yay group!! Well some of the guys I have no idea who they are...but I'm pretty sure they are in David, Alec and Jordan's Ward.

Today Heather and I got our mission call! This week Heather and I are going to live like missionaries for a week.  We made our own "Mission Rules" and goals for the week.  This means no Facebook for me!! It's going to be tough but I'm really excited.  It's going to be fun and a wonderful experience.  I can still Skype and get phone calls so...CALL ME :D

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