Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out!!

Even though the week was filled with clouds and rain, it was such an awesome week for Homecoming!

Monday-It was a long, rough day on Monday.  I got caught in a horrific rain storm going to my last class of the day.  I was soaking wet and very cold...I had a lot of stuff to get done so I ended up spending THREE HOURS in the library doing homework.  The day ended well though when my friend Alec walked me home from the library (it was after 10:00 and I did not want to walk across campus by myself...)

Tuesday-Homecoming officially started with the devotional that ended up being more like one giant pep rally.  I took my last of my first chunk of mid-terms and only missed three questions! Tuesday night, Heather and I hiked the Y.  It was so much fun! Since it was homecoming, they also lit the Y and it looks AWESOME at night time down in the valley.
Provo from part way up the mountain.

Provo from the actual Y

Heather and I on the Y looking down at Provo

Wednesday-I had an amazing Book of Mormon class on Wednesday.  We learned about the Isaiah prophecies in 2 Nephi and how they applied to our day.  It was very interesting and my professor makes it seem so easy to understand.  My favorite part was when my professor said to the guys, "Guys, when you see a nice looking girl, you KNOW how long it took her to look that good. Compliment her ok? And girls when you see a good looking guy just think 'golden wedge of Ophir'" If you're really interested in knowing what I'm talking about the reference is 2 Nephi 23:12.  Look it up. It's good stuff.  Later that night for more Homecoming activities, Heather and I went to Mr. BYU.  It was so much fun! I decided that my friend Alec needs to be in it when he gets back from his mission...we'll see how that goes ;) The winner's first order of business was to say the closing prayer. Only at BYU...

Thursday-David and I attempted to go to True Blue Football, where they spray down one of the fields with this blue foam stuff and there are football games, volleyball games and slip and slides.  It looked like so much fun but the line was ridiculously too long so we decided to not go :( 

Friday-I went to the Provo Temple again.  It was so nice! I love being able to live within walking distance of a Temple.  When I got back Heather and I sort of hung out in our room for a while before we decided we should probably get something accomplished.  So at 9:15 Friday night we packed up our bags and went to the library.  It was dead. There was absolutely NO ONE there.  Which I suppose can be expected for it being so late on a FRIDAY night.  Oh well.  I actually did get some things done which is good :)

Saturday-Definitely my favorite day of the week! So Emily called me Saturday morning to see if I wanted to go to the parade with her.  I told her to give me 15 minutes to get dressed and I'd be over.  So at 10:00 Emily and I along with Jordan and his roommate Connor and R.A. Curtis watched the parade.  It was a lot of fun and I came home with a pocket full of candy...not a bad way to start the day :)  After the parade, I came home and got ready.  Heather and I ate lunch then she went to go run some errands while I waited for Emily and David to come over so the four of us could go to the game together.  When Heather got back the four of us trekked across campus with the million other people to go watch the game.  It was lots of fun and we actually won!! We broke our four game losing streak!!

Heather, me and David

Las chicas: Emily, Heather and I

Y Mountain at sunset. Isn't it beautiful? I still can't believe that I hiked up that!

SEE?!?! We actually won!
After the game we all headed back to our respective dorms and I helped Heather get ready for the dance.  Jordan and David came over and Jordan and Heather went off to the dance (they looked so beautiful/handsome :) and David and I went over to the soccer game which was a lot of fun too.  After the soccer game David walked me home and I sat on the couch and worked on uploading/editing some of pictures while watching Mythbusters.  Heather got back from the dance and I passed out on the couch that is currently living in our kitchen because we haven't moved it back to our room.  

Sunday-Today I gave my first talk in a singles ward.  It ended up being really short but that's ok.  Relief Society was good and Sunday School was way more entertaining than it should have been.  Heather made a DELICIOUS dinner from the meager ingredients that we had in our kitchen.  I love Sundays! They are such an awesome day and they are such a relief.  I love having one day where I don't have to worry about anything, I can just sit and relax and enjoy time with my roommate and ward members and occasionally my other friends :)

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