Sunday, February 13, 2011

Extra Special Surprises

Looking back on this week, it seems like every day had at least one thing that was extra special about it.

So, here are my extra special happenings from this past week.

Monday~Emily and I picked up tickets for the dance on Friday and I talked to her for a little bit :) For FHE we opted out of Nerts and switched it up and played Pictionary.  It was a nice change and still just as competitive.  :)

Tuesday~Tuesday I went to Jordan's to pick out a tie for him to wear.  Heather and I went to the Temple where we saw Alex and Sydney.  That was a nice surprise.  After the Temple, I made cupcakes and Emily called so we went to get ice cream and to talk (one of our favorite past times :)

Isn't the Provo Temple BEAUTIFUL?!?

It's a very gorgeous place to be :)

It was cold on the way back so Heather and I needed to wear our crazy awesome hats.

Wednesday~HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEC!!! I took over the cupcakes I made for Alec.  He loved them! The color of the frosting was just perfect apparently :) I also had my first dance test on Wednesday and it went amazingly well.  I'm sort of sad that we are done with the Foxtrot but the Cha Cha is slowly growing on me ;)

Thursday~I was SO productive! I came home from Spanish at 9:00 and I got my laundry and all of my homework (except for my Book of Mormon reading) DONE before I had to leave for my 1:00 class.  I was proud of my productivity and was really glad I was because I had a date Thursday night and it was nice to not have to do homework.  My friend Jason came over and we made (get ready for it) gummy bear pancakes for dinner (I know they sound so bizarre but they are so fantastic) After dinner, he helped me practice the Cha Cha.  I am enjoying it a lot more now.  My hips still aren't moving as much as they need to but my movements are a lot snappier so it looks better :D
Me and my favorite text book ;)

Friday~Probably the best day of my week :) I was again very productive which was good because I had another date to a dance Friday night.  I was so antsy that afternoon, I couldn't have gotten any homework done even if I had tried.  I was quite proud of myself for doing my own hair and make-up.  I've never done my own for a dance before.  And it didn't turn into too big of a disaster (the hair and make-up that is ;) I went over to Emily's after I got ready so we could give each other a final once-over before the guys came to pick us up.  After picture taking in the kitchen, our little group of six walked over to the Wilk for the dance.  It was a really fun night and I am so glad that Jordan said yes and went with me.  He was a fantastic date :)
 Katie and David, Jordan and me, and Alec and Emily
Here we look normal...
 And now we tried to be funny...but I think we just look weird.  
Oh, you know, it's just me and my fantastically amazing date :)

Saturday~For the third day in a row I was SUPER productive!! I went to a mid-term review and the library from 9:30 until about 2:00! I got so much done, but my brain hurt. So, I came home and relaxed until the BYU v. U of U basketball game came on.  Then I watched that and it was a great game (we won!) After the basketball game, I went to a stake Valentine's Day dance which was pretty fun.  After the dance I helped Emily clean up a bit and then I went over to her dorm and we talked...for a long time...about stuff....yeah...

Sunday~Today I went to church and had good lessons :) It was SOOOOO nice today!! I LOVE the sunshine and the warmth! I also went up to my grandparents' again to celebrate my aunt's birthday.  Then the standard hall meeting and ward prayer.  I talked to my mom for a bit and now I'm ready to pass out!

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