Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a Wonderful Time to Live!

Another week.  Another update.

Monday~Ah, a day of no school.  Around BYU, President's Day weekend is referred to as Spring Break. Yes, we get a one day spring break.  But I guess that is fine since we get out in April :D  I spent the day at my grandparents' and shopping with my grandma for things for Hannah for her birthday and baptism.  I came back to my dorm later that night and went to FHE.  We played Wii sports.  Apparently my brothers thought it would be fun to put Heather and I against each other in boxing...yeah, it didn't go very well.  I can't play video games.  Period.

Tuesday~It was actually Monday.  BYU declared it so.  This means that we have Monday/Wednesday classes, which was good because it meant DANCE!! I LOVE my dance class.  Definitely one of the highlights of this semester.  After classes and finishing some homework, Heather and I went to the library to be part of a music video.  Yes, an a cappella group here on campus filmed their first music video in the library and we were part of it! We saw David, Alec, and Jordan there too as well as a few girls from the ward.  It was a lot of fun being in it.  Once it gets put online I will try to remember to post the link :)

Wednesday~It was actually Wednesday which means DANCE!! Yes, this week was good, dance two days in a row! That night, I went to a missionary fireside with Emily and two of her roommates.  It was so good! Even though I am not planning on serving a mission, it was still so great to go to.  I learned so much and it made me so excited for my guys who are going to serve missions soon!  Later that night, after I got home, I was just getting ready to go to bed when there was a HUGE thudding knock on my door.  I went to open it and this is what I found...
(except the paper was COVERED in the fish)
Ryan from my ward, asked me to go to the ward date Saturday night with him.  
SO MANY FISH!! Good thing I love them :-d
This is how I responded (with a plate of cookies of course)

Thursday~Another day in the college life: classes, an exam, doing laundry, more class, homework and cooking.  BUT, the highlight of the day was definitely towards the end of the day: DANCE LAB!! Dance lab is a night where members of all of the different levels of Social Dance come together in the Ballroom and just dance! We practice the dances that we know (I even learned a new one: the two step) and just have fun.  It was nice to dance with a lot of different guys, most of whom I didn't even know.  But I have to say that my favorite dances were my last two (technically three).  I danced a cha cha with Jason.  I have greatly improved since the last time we cha cha-ed.  After I danced with Jason I danced the last two songs with my FHE brother, Ramon.  We danced a waltz and a two-step.  It was really fun and I can't wait to go to the next one (three more weeks!) I also found out that I didn't get the RA job, but that is ok because I will be rooming with my best friend Emily next year and it will be a BLAST! In addition to that, I found out that my little bro got accepted to BYU! Watch out Provo! The Cherry kids will be rocking this campus.  

Friday~Yay Friday! This is what I woke up to...

It was totally sunny and with no snow on the ground on Thursday...oh well.  It was a nice surprise and kind of reminded me of home :) Also on Friday, after my classes, I made a birthday lunch and birthday cookies for Jordan (even though his birthday was on Sunday).  After Jordan left, I did homework (I think...) and that night, I went to Mr. Heritage (a "beauty pageant" for the guys' dorms in Heritage Halls) The guy from my ward, Michael, WON!! I was so glad because he really was the best.  After getting home, Heather and I caught up on our TV shows from the week while on our MONSTER BED! Yes, we pushed our two beds together and watched our shows on her computer.  It was really fun :)
Yeah, we are definitely in college.

Saturday~ Happy Birthday Hannah! Today, my baby sister turned eight years old! She is getting so big! I am sad that I didn't get to go home but I talked to her on the phone for a while and that was good :)  I watched the BYU v. SDSU game on TV with David and Emily.  We won: 80-67! Boo to the ya.  After the game, I went to the library to get some homework done.  Then, I walked back (in the snow!) to get ready for the ward date.  A little before 6:00, Ryan picked me up and we walked over to the stake center for our etiquette dinner.  It was a really fun date.  We had a delicious dinner of Hawaiian haystacks and Ryan and I actually talked! We got along really well and there wasn't any awkwardness which was good seeing as I have never actually met him before tonight.  I have seen him at church but that was pretty much it.  After dinner, there was dance instruction on the cha cha.  Luckily, since I already knew it, I taught Ryan a little bit quicker than everyone else was being taught and he even learned a few more steps I showed him.  He was really good! Especially for not knowing the cha cha beforehand.  After dancing, everyone helped clean up and then, Ryan and I shot the basketball around and ended up playing a quick game of 4-on-4.  Let me tell you, it is hard to play basketball in a dress and tights: no traction and it's hard to post-up and box-out and jump modestly while wearing a dress.  But it was so much fun! Definitely one of the best dates I've been on.  After getting home, I talked to my dad for a bit and then watched some TV with Heather.  At around 11:00 Emily called and I met up with her, a few or her roommates, Alec and David to go sledding.  

After sledding and getting snow inside of every piece of clothing I was wearing, we built a snowman. 
 Emily built her first snowman EVER! (She's from San Jose)
 Alec is a snow-hugger.  But we still love him ;)

Sunday~What a wonderful day! There were wonderful talks and FANTASTIC musical numbers as well as an amazing Temple Prep class at church today.  My baby sister got baptized! And it was my best friend's birthday.  But, if that wasn't enough, I was able to Skype my family followed by one of the best firesides I have ever been to.

Sister Beck, the General Relief Society President came and spoke to just our stake.  She said that the church was not fully restored until the Relief Society was put into action.  She also said that Relief Society is often lumped with Primary and Young Women's because they are all run by women.  But, Relief Society should be lumped with Elders Quorum because we are much more similar.  We are both a support system and are referred to as a sisterhood and brotherhood.  We are both responsible for taking care of our own and supporting the others of the Church.  She said that Relief Society is specifically part of our Heavenly Father's plan.  We aren't just what is "left over."  After her speaking to us, she opened up to the audience for questions that we may have.  I learned so much! What amazed me was the fact that she had no idea what question was going to be asked but she pulled out a scripture or two for almost every question that fit perfectly with what she was trying to convey.  She answered questions like, how can I be a better missionary to my family? How can I better trust in the Lord? How can we gain righteous desires and endure to the end? Where do we start to become the person God needs us to be? How can we prepare now to go to the Temple? How can we get personal revelation? How can the men who hold the Priesthood support the women of the Church? How can we find comfort in times of hardship? After answering these questions, she gave us so much encouragement!  We live in crazy times but we as the young adults of the Church have so much potential! The Church invests so much time, effort and money into the youth programs and young adult programs and schools and education of the young people.  It is because we will be expected to do great things! The Church and the gospel are sweeping the globe.  There is so much growth, so quickly.  We will be called to be the next leaders of the rising church.  She told us that, while the world is a scary and crazy place now, it is also such an exciting time to live! There is so many wonderful and good things happening now! We will be part of a great and marvelous work! We are so lucky to live now, in this time!

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