Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tribute to Elder Clark

Another early post! Which means another one of my guys got his mission call!! Elder Jordan Clark is one of my best friends at BYU and tonight he opened his mission call.  He is going to serve in the

Georgia Atlanta North Mission
In case you're curious, Jordan is the cousin of Alec (who I blogged about LAST Wednesday) and they are both going on SPANISH speaking missions.  This makes me happy because I will be able to write to them in Spanish :D (which will be fantastic practice for me :)

So, this blog post is in honor of him :)

So, Jordan Clark was the second guy friend I had at BYU.  He has always been a fantastic friend but these last few months I have definitely considered him one of my best friends.  I can talk to Jordan about anything and he is always willing and ready to help me.  I can't count the number of times he has come over to give me or Heather a blessings or how many times he has made me happy when I'm having a bad day.  Jordan probably has the biggest heart of anyone you will ever meet.  He is so nice to everyone and doesn't have a bad bone in his body.  Jordan can make anyone happy.  I know that I cannot help but smile whenever I see him.  When I'm having a bad day all I have to do is see Jordan give me a goofy grin and I just have to smile back.  The other thing Jordan is fantastic at (probably one of my favorite things about him) is giving hugs.  It's going to be hard to not have a Jordan hug for two years but, he will be serving the Lord, bringing the people in the Atlanta area the Gospel.  That makes everything better :)

I'll say it again: Missionary work is a WONDERFUL thing.  I would not be here without it.  I am so proud of you Jordan! Thank you for choosing to serve the Lord! Thank you for giving up two years of your life to serve a mission! You are such a fantastic friend and a wonderful person.  Everyone is going to love you :)

Thank you for being my friend.  Thank you for always being there for me.  Thank you for holding the Priesthood and for being able and wiling to exercise it.  Thank you for being the wonderful son of God you are.  I'm going to miss you like you can't believe but knowing you are serving the Lord will make it easier.

Te quiero Jordan. Será un misionero fantástico.

Sorry I'm posting this picture again, but it really is one of my favorites :)
These are two of the best guys you will ever meet in your entire life.

This is Jordan and I at Halloween.  It was a really fun night :)

Here Jordan and I are at the bowling alley.  This was another very fun night filled with friends and fantastic memories.


Elder Clark
I can't write that without smiling :)

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.
I love my best friend Jordan :)

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