Sunday, February 6, 2011

Missions, Hearts, Scheming, and Speed Dating

Just a few things that made this week extra special:

Mission Call: My best friend, Jordan, got his mission call this week!! He is going to the Georgia, Atlanta North mission speaking Spanish.  I'm so excited for him and proud.  I LOVE that my guy friends are getting their mission calls.
Probably one of my favorite pictures ever.  Jordan couldn't stop smiling like that the entire night :)

I was thinking about it today in Fast and Testimony meeting.  Thanks to two young men who had decided to serve missions when they were nineteen, I am here today.  My mom is a convert and thanks to the missionaries who taught her, she got baptized and she and my dad were married in the Salt Lake City Temple and had me and my siblings born in the Church.  We are together for time and all eternity.  Thanks to those two missionaries, I am here at an AMAZING university where I have had more spiritual experiences in the last six months then I have had in the last eighteen years.  I have such a strong testimony of missionaries and I am so proud of the guys that I know (and even those I don't know) who are serving and planning to serve missions.

Temple: My 8:00 class was canceled on Thursday so, I slept in a little bit and went to the Temple that morning.  I went by myself but it was really fantastic.  I needed to spend some time by myself.  It wasn't very busy so I got to do a lot more baptisms than usual which made it extra special :) It was so cold this week! On my way home, my hair FROZE!

Scheming and Planning: I was talking to Emily Thursday night (over ice cream of course ;) and told her about a preference dance that is happening next Friday.  I asked if she would like to ask someone and I would ask someone and we could go together as a little group.  She said yes (THANK YOU EMILY!!!!) So, after she said yes, we got to planning.  The next day I was going to have lunch with Jordan so I asked him (very slyly ;) what he and Alec were doing the next Friday.  He had no idea which Emily and I took as a good sign: they had no plans.  So after Jordan left, I called Emily and we put together our plans on how to ask the two guys.  Emily made a scavenger hunt for Alec and I got Jordan's favorite candy bar and attached a little note to it.  So after we hid Alec's scavenger hunt pieces, we took two envelopes (one for Jordan and one for Alec) each with a clue in it.  Emily set the envelopes down in front of their door, I held open the front door, she knocked and we busted it out of there.  It was really fun.  We thought we were pretty sneaky....until Jordan called me and asked what he should do. *facepalm* He wanted to know if he should do his first or if he should wait for Alec or what.  He said that he knew Emily and I were scheming something. (Apparently we aren't as sneaky as we thought we were)  Anyways, I told him to wait and he and Alec could do them together.  One of the clues was at my apartment so, they both came over and Jordan said yes then I helped Alec figure out his last clue.  Emily got a yes too...but she wasn't home when Alec got his last clue so he wrote a new puzzle on Emily's scavenger hunt spelling out YES on her clues.  We had a lot of fun "scheming" and carrying out plans.  We are excited for the dance on Friday. :)

Speed Dating: Yes, I went speed dating: BYU style.  This means that my Relief Society and the Elders Quorum 1 met at the Central Building and got to know each other better.  Complete with polygadates, "mood" music and very cheesy getting to know you questions, we made our way through the evening talking to a new person every two minutes.  It was actually pretty fun.  A lot better than I was expecting it to be.

Sports and Hearts: On Saturday, I spent a good amount of time helping Emily cut out hearts for the Stake Valentine's Day dance.  I helped her in the morning then she and David came over to watch the basketball game (we beat UNLV) where we cut out even more! Later that night, David and I went to the volleyball game (which we also won against UCLA).  After the volleyball game, Emily and I talked for a while and then played a game with David and one of Emily's roommates.
These are looks that David and I give each other ALL the time :)
We are really good friends in case you didn't know.

I like to play with my camera settings...
Here is Emily in our sea of hearts.

And David

And me :)


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