Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference Weekend!

Monday: FHE with my family was amazing as always.  Emily gave a wonderful lesson from President Uchtdorf's talk from the Relief Society Broadcast last week.  (Read it here) And we played jumprope and basketball.  Glad to know I still have my elementary school skills in both of those areas.

Tuesday: Crazy long day on campus! Went to work at 8:00 and had class and work until 6:00.  Then I studied for and took a Biology exam, followed by writing a paper and getting some reading done.  My friend Ben picked me up from the library and drove me home (seeing as I did not want to walk 20 minutes across campus to my apartment at 10:00 at night). As he was dropping me off, he officially asked me on a date to go to General Conference on Saturday morning.  And I said yes of course.  I LOVE Conference.

Wednesday: My Uncle Russ came to town! After he motivationally spoke to Chad Lewis (our athletic director and former football player here) he met me and the broha at the library to take us to dinner at Cafe Rio.  I love my Uncle Russ so much.  He is crazy and insane and I cry from laughing every time I am with him.  We had a very unproductive Apartment 23 homework party.  Ben came and actually got stuff done.  And none of us know how he did it.

Thursday: I actually got homework done! When I got home from class and work only Ashley was home so we had our own little homework party where I actually got things done!

Friday: Work and a crazy afternoon filled with grocery shopping, laundry, getting things ready for my date Saturday morning, attempting to do homework, making dinner, and getting PUMPED for the BYU/Utah State football game.  Emily and I watched it on TV and it was easily one of THE best football games I have ever watched.  15 seconds left and we scored to win by 3 :D After the game, Ben picked me up and we went to his apartment to make rice krispy treats and other food for our picnic lunch on Saturday. He then walked me home and I crashed, hard.

Saturday: I woke up at 4:45 am and got ready to leave by 5:30 to head up to Salt Lake.  Ben and I sat in line at 6:30 and at around 9:15 there was actually someone with tickets who offered them to us! We went over to the Conference Center and found our seats.  General Conference was AMAZING! There is always at least one talk that is meant just for you.  Saturday's was Sis. Thompson's talk on personal revelation.  Ben and I were SOOOOOOOOO excited when they announced a second temple in Provo.  And we were both concerned when we started Conference with no President Monson there.  But he showed up and things went slightly more normal. After the session, we went to the car and grabbed our picnic lunch and ate it on the lawn looking at the Salt Lake City Temple.  It is such an amazing, wonderful, magnificent building.  It is crazy to think that my pioneer ancestors built that building without the use of modern technology.  It took 40 years, but they knew of its importance and put in so much faith and hard work into building that temple.  After lunch we went to the Christus statue in the visitor's center and talked about life and how wonderful and mind boggling it is.  We went to his sister's for the second session and I got to play with his nephews and hold his newest nephew! (They are 3, 18 months and 1 week! They are all so adorable!) We got back to Provo just in time for him to go to Priesthood.  Emily and I ate dinner, went to the store and watched some TV shows.  After Priesthood, Ben came over and watched Meet Me in St. Louis with Emily and I.  It is easily one of my favorite movies ever :)
This is what the Salt Lake City Temple looks like at 6:30 in the morning.
Isn't it beautiful?

Picnics on Temple Square are the best!

I got to hold Ben's 1 week old nephew. HE IS SO ADORABLE!

Sunday: I went to my grandparents' house and was able to watch conference with my lovely extended family.  I love them so much and I didn't realize how much I missed them.  Conference was amazing, again.  I absolutely LOVE conference weekend.  I am always so spiritually full and re-energized from spending time with my family.
Bridger and our "slow cousin" James watching Conference with their blankies

My real cousins, Marley and Mitchell.
Aren't they adorable?

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