Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Weekend

Monday: FHE was great! We played "What If...?" and had lots of laughs.  After FHE I had a homework party with Ben and his roommate.  Then I came home and went to bed.

Tuesday: Devotional was great! It was the dance assembly where a lot of the different dance companies on campus came together and preformed for us.  Classes and work were also lovely :)

Wednesday: Last day of gym! We got to play with the parachute!! It is still the best day of gym class, even in college :) I got out early and it was a beautifully sunshiney day.

Thursday: Classes and work were great.  I was exhausted and it was a battle to stay awake throughout the day.  Ben walked me home and we walked through the farmer's market where we got a sample of delicious tomatillo salsa.  YUM! Our ward also had a Relief Society dinner which was delicious.  And what college student doesn't love free food? The girls in my ward are great and I felt grown up going to my own Relief Society activity.

Friday: I had a lovely time at the Temple with Emily and a great day at work.  I had a Jamba date with Alexandra and Sydney followed by rocking a Children's Lit exam.  I dropped Bridger off with my family to go golfing and I went shopping with my mommy who bought me more clothes than I needed.  I think Emily might kill me...After shopping, I came home to eat dinner with my lovely roommates and my boyfriend.  Then Emily and McKensey went on a girl date while I went on a date with Ben to Trafalga.  I killed him at mini-golf, which was quite amazing because I am not so great at mini-golfing.  We ran into his brother and sister-in-law and played lazer tag with them.  It was so much fun! We went back to his apartment and made rice krispy treats and watched a movie.
As Emily and I were walking to campus, we decided that we really looked like teachers.  
After we took this picture, we decided that we actually look older! 
We look like 20-somethings instead of 19 year olds. 

Saturday: I woke up and went grocery shopping with Emily followed by doing some homework.  I picked up Ben and Bridger to spend an afternoon con mi familia. We watched the BYU football game (we won!!) and had dinner.  My family liked Ben.  Ben liked my family.  Life is good.
I also went to the BYU vs. Montana Tech hockey game with some of my family.  Isn't my cousin Madison adorable?

Sunday: Bridger and Hunter got ordained as an Elder and a Teacher.  I am so proud of them! We took impromptu pictures and they actually turned out pretty cute! I went to choir and church.  Both of which were lovely :)

Now for our family pictures:

We are a rebellious family.  Look at all of that caffeine. ;)

So typical :)

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