Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy Cow! Another Week is Gone.

Monday: School and work.  What else is new? Our ward also had a Halloween activity at the church that was a lot of fun! There was food (of course :) and a pumpkin painting contest (my group won most original with our iPumpkin) and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and there was a photo booth as well as a dance afterwards.  It was a blast and I had a lot of fun.
The lovely cowgirls (and holy cow) of Apt. #23
Me, Brittany, Emily, McKensey, and Ashley

Ben with his roommate Josh and Justin and our award winning iPumpkin.
Ben was Steve Jobs, Josh was a cowboy, and Justin was an iMe

We matched after Ben started to wear Josh's hat. 

Tuesday: We had a campus forum where Senator Lieberman spoke. It was a really amazing talk about living in the public eye and still practicing your faith.  The only other significant things that happened were that 1) I spent the required 2.5 hours on my art homework.  We had to draw a chair.  Yes, we were required to spend that long drawing a chair. (Can you guess what my feelings are on this art class? *sigh*) and 2) I had a killer migraine so I didn't work at all.  I slept a lot and never wanted to wake up.

Wednesday: Bridger randomly saw me in the Wilk and we had lunch together! It was great brother/sister bonding experience.  I ate a good portion of his lunch and I gave him a peanut butter cup.  We were even.  We discussed life and made plans to go on a double date next week.  I love my brother and it was so great to have lunch with him! I think we are going to try to make it a weekly occurrence. Also, Wednesday was just an exciting day because I finally wore a sweater and I wore one of my winter hats to school.  I am so ready for the cooler weather :D

Thursday: More school and more work. Ben and I went on a double date with his old mission companion that he set up with a girl that he works with.  We were going to go roller-skating (which I absolutely detest) but thankfully, it was closed when we got there so we went mini-golfing instead :) After golfing, we went to one of my favorite places in Provo, The Cocoa Bean, to get hot chocolate.  All four of us had a wonderful time :)

Friday: Work, Jamba Juice, home, grocery shopping, attempt at homework, falling asleep, taking an unplanned 30 minute nap, homework, cook dinner, go to Temple, lovely evening. :)

Saturday: I went to a reunion with Ben and Anna of some family friends that they have known for forever.  We had a blast! I killed Ben and speed and then he killed me the next round. His friends are super funny and a lot of fun to be around. After that, we went to the last home soccer game.  We lost to San Diego :( But it was still fun to go to.  I came home and worked on another art assignment.  This time we were required to spend THREE hours on it.  But I got to choose what I drew so I didn't mind spending so much time on it. After drawing and dinner, some people from the ward came over and we played games.  Again, super fun.  We laughed a TON which is always my favorite thing to do with my roommates and whoever else happens to be over at our apartment.

Sunday: Today our ward choir preformed in Sacrament meeting.  We did amazingly well. The Spirit was super strong and the song was beautiful.  After Sacrament meeting, I got set apart as *drum roll* a Ward Indexer! I am actually excited about this calling.  I started to index last March/April and I absolutely loved it.  Today I went to Family History for Sunday School where we were indexing.  For Relief Society we had a lesson on family history.  I am super pumped to start doing more with my own family history and starting to index again so I can help other people's families.  After church, I went with Ben over to his cousin's house for dinner with his cousin, her husband, Ben's brother and his wife and their little sister Anna.  We had a blast! Dinner was delicious and the games we played were very fun.  It was another lovely Sunday here in good ol' Provo.  :)  

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