Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tradition. Spirit. Honor.

**Something happened and this didn't get this is actually from LAST week**
Happy Homecoming everyone! This week has been amazing! So many things have happened! And I still can't believe that it is already time to start another week!

Monday: Bad news-I got really sick.  Good news-I got a boyfriend. :)

Tuesday: I was able to go to the Homecoming pep rally in the Marriott Center with Emily, Alex, Sydney, Ben :) and his sister Anna (who is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met!) I had class and work followed by my second mid-term of the week.  Ben was sweet and walked me home.  We did homework with my roommates and after Ben went home, I fell asleep.

Wednesday: My lovely roommate McKensey turned 19! Yay! I felt really old.  I also went to dinner with Dad and Bridger.  We went to P.F. Changs, they teased me about Ben, and life was great :)

Thursday: Classes and work.  Ben took me on a date to the women's soccer game.  It was really fun! Even though it was freezing and rainy, we still had a blast.  
Ben and me and his adorable little sister, Anna

Friday: Work and a Jamba date with Alex and Sydney so we could catch each other up on our lives.  I did some Children's Lit. homework before I had a mid-term review for that class.  Then I went back to do more homework for that class and Ben walked me home.  We did homework and I made dinner for everyone.  Ben took me on another date to see Divine Comedy.  They are a group of comedians on campus who put together hilarious sketches.  I was smiling and laughing the entire time.  It was great! After, we went on a walk around the Provo Temple and just talked.
 I love these two girls so much!

Saturday: Happy Homecoming!! I went to the True Blue Cougar pancake breakfast with Emily and her brother John and Ben.  We met Emily's sister and fam there too. After breakfast, we waited in the cold for about an hour until the parade started.  But once it did it was amazing.  We all got tons of awesome stuff-I got a free shirt and a balloon and an insane amount of candy.  Ben was awesome and did pushups to get a 2-liter of root beer from Brick Oven.  After the parade, we all headed back to the apartments where Ben and I ate lunch before heading over to South Field for another soccer game.  This time we lost :( But we got free hats and the sunshine decided to make an appearance. The soccer game ended and we came back to my apartment to do more homework! Yes, we have very exciting lives.  I was getting bored with my homework and not accomplishing much so we decided to watch a movie instead.  After the movie, he left and I ate dinner with my roommates before us non-engaged roomies headed across the street to the football stadium to watch the game.  I just have to say that my roommates are awesome. I had so much fun with them! BYU won so life is good :)
Anna, Ben and I waiting for the parade to start!
Woohoo! for free stuff!

Ben and I in our awesome free hats at the soccer game.
Yes, I know mine looks ridiculous... 

Most of the roommates!
We were definitely the life of the party in our section at the football game :)

I found this kid at the football game.  It made me smile :)

I love my roommates!!

Especially Emily...

McKensey and I are just plain awesome. 

Sunday: I think I am getting sick...I sounded like a man at ward choir. I hacked up lungs all throughout church. But I survived.  We had a surprise party for McKensey and played balloon games outside.  It was a lovely night.

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