Sunday, April 22, 2012

The End of Another Semester

Another semester has come and gone.  Now I am half way done with college! Yes, only 4 more semesters and a Spring term for this girl.  It is so crazy how fast time flies.

Monday: I had one last Jamba date for the semester with Sydney and Alex.  After that, I went home and packed, packed, packed! Ben finished his test way earlier than we thought he was going to.  We went and got free food at the Cougareat for Ben's work and cleaned out our lockers. Ben helped me load up some of my stuff into his car and then we went to Advertising to watch the other groups present and to turn in our ad files.  After class, we dropped off my stuff at my storage unit and picked up a pizza for dinner.  We went to Trafalga to try and ride go karts since it was so nice out but they only had one working.  After Trafalga we  went home and I helped Ben study for ASL.

Tuesday: Ben and I both went to work followed by having lunch and both of us started packing.  That evening, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings one last time.  We went with most of our advertising group as well as our advertising professor, his son (who was also in our class), and our TA.  It was super fun and really neat to spend time with our professor outside of class. After dinner, we met up with Ben's family who had come into town for Gordy's graduation.  We took the twins and they helped me and Ben unload another car full of my stuff into the storage unit.

Wednesday: I went over to Ben's for breakfast where we met up with his family again.  After running errands to a few stores, we met Gordy at the bell tower and he gave us a tour! It was so cool! I got sort of dizzy climbing up all of those stairs but it was really cool at the top.  Gordy played a few songs for us and showed us how it all works.  After that we all had lunch at Ben's house and afterwards went ice skating.  I had a lot of fun :) After skating we went to dinner at IHOP followed by Ben going home teaching and me finishing up my packing.  After Ben was done we loaded up his car full of my stuff.  Then we took it over to the storage unit and unloaded it.

Thursday: Thursday was my last day in Provo :( I woke up early to drive Ben to campus for his test then I went home and cleaned like crazy.  I just about finished when I picked up Ben.  Then we went to my apartment and I finished cleaning while Ben brought down his car to load up a few last things to take to the storage unit.  I checked out and then went over to Ben's to hang out for a bit.  We went to get my car's tire fixed.  After that, Ben took me to DP for lunch then we met my dad at the storage unit. There we unloaded all sorts of furniture from my family and my grandma for us to have when we are married.  I dropped of Ben at his house and we said goodbye before I went to meet up with my dad and my brother.  We left Provo and made it to Page, AZ that night.  I drove all five hours by myself and I didn't even have anyone else in the car with me.

Friday: We woke up, had a gas station breakfast and left for Mesa.  Again, I drove the rest of the 5 hours home by myself in my car.  The rest of the day was spent unpacking and swimming.  It was quite a shock to get to Mesa and have it be almost 100 degrees.  Definitely not what I was used to in Provo.

Saturday: Saturday was wedding day! My mom and sister and I started shopping for wedding stuff.  We got lots of things for tables and came up with lots of ideas for receptions.  In addition to that, I also spent part of the day in the pool and finished unpacking.

Sunday: My first Sunday back in Mesa.  Pretty normal for the ward here, nothing too crazy happened.  The only thing is that it was super weird to not go to church with Ben.  After church, I read and took a nap.  After my nap, I read some more and played a game with Ben.  We had dinner and our home teachers came over.  Then I Skyped Ben for a while, indexed and went to bed.

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