Monday, April 16, 2012

It's the Final Countdown

Finals week has started! It is so crazy to think that this semester is already almost over and that I am half way DONE with my college experience.

Monday: We had our presentation in Advertising and it went really well.  Our professor really liked it (which is great because we were all very worried he wouldn't).  After our presentation, Ben, Bridger and I went to dinner at Rodizzio Grill with my dad since he was in town.

Tuesday: My last Marriage Prep class :( That class has been one of my favorites this semester.  I learned so much and I absolutely loved how I was applying what we learned in class every day to my own life.  I went to the Unforum with Ben and Anna followed by work and my last dance class.  Then it was back to work until I had dinner with Ben and went to my last 201 class :( I have really enjoyed that class too.  I have learned a lot of new concepts and have really learned a lot about what it means to be a teacher and the hard things that come with that.  But that class gave me a lot of encouragement even though it talked a lot about hard things we have to do.

Wednesday: Last day of classes for the semester! I had my last Multicultural Education class :( Another one of my favorite classes where I learned a lot of new information and created my own ideas and opinions about the stuff I learned. I also had my last IP&T class and we took our final.  I got an A :) After school, Ben and I went grocery shopping (Macey's was having their case-lot sale so we got lots of good deals on food we eat all the time that will store for the summer so we have food in the fall :) after that we went to an Advertising review and to Institute where Brad Wilcox was speaking.  He gave a really great talk on grace and how the Atonement works in our lives.  There were lots of things that I needed to hear that he spoke about.

Thursday: Happy Reading Day! Ben and I both went to work in the morning then we came home and ate lunch.  Then we worked on our Ad Files for Advertising before we headed up to South Jordan in a huge rain storm to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  We thought it would be fun to go do baptisms there before we get MARRIED there in August.  It is such a beautiful temple, easily one of the prettiest ones I have been to.  We made a good choice about where we want to get married. After going to the temple, we had dinner at Fazoli's and wandered around Ikea.  When we got back to Provo, we went to the library to finish our ad files.

Friday: Happy Reading Day Number Two! Today we actually got work done.  After breakfast, we put the finishing touches on our ad files.  Then we went and sold back some of our books.  I got money back! Yay!! We ate lunch then worked on more homework.  I wrote a lesson plan for a final on Saturday, studied for Marriage Prep, reviewed a bit and took my Multicultural Education final online. We also studied on and off all day for our Advertising final.  After we made and ate dinner, we went ice skating.  We ended up having a lot of fun.  And I'm actually getting better at skating!

Saturday: First day of finals, and I am done :) Yes, I took my advertising final after I finished doing laundry.  Then I reviewed for and took my Marriage Prep exam.  After that, Ben and I had lunch and ran some errands before dropping him off at school to work on a take home test and I started to pack.  (Oh, how I hate packing...) After I was done with what I wanted to pack, Ben and I grabbed dinner on campus before I went to my final for 201 and taught my mini-lesson.  It went really well :) After that, Ben and I went to the Men's Volleyball game where we won! After the game, we went to Ben's house and finished watching Harry Potter.

Sunday: This morning while Ben was at meetings, my roommates and I took some roommate pictures around our complex.  They turned out pretty cute. Church was amazing.  I got something from every talk and lesson I heard today.  I especially loved my Family History lesson.  My home teacher taught it today and it was really powerful and helped me reflect.  After church Ben went home teaching and afterwards we had dinner and invited Anna and her roommate over for smoothies and games.

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