Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

What a gorgeous Easter we had! There was lots of sunshine, a brilliant blue sky and an Easter basket at my grandma’s filled with candy for Ben and me.

Monday: We went to Ben’s FHE group and in honor of Easter week, we dyed Easter eggs while listening to an Easter station on Pandora.  After our eggs were dyed, we had what was named the Western Family Logan Egg Rolling Tournament.  We laid out a sheet and had brackets where two people would roll their eggs at each other.  The one without the crack moved onto the next round.  Ben won the whole tournament and got a lovely prize.  We decided that this would be a fun tradition to continue :)

Tuesday: I had my Dance final where I had to give 10 minutes of my 30-minute lesson plan.  I don’t think the grading was quite fair but I’m not worried about it because I still will get an A in the class.  When I got home from Ben’s that night, I found out that one of my roommates got engaged. 

Wednesday: I didn’t have my 8:00 class and Ben could work from home so I went over to his house and we had breakfast and I did homework while Ben worked.  Then we went to campus for classes.  After school, we went to pick up the key to my storage unit for the summer and went shopping for groceries and clothes for Ben to wear to his internship in DC.  After dinner, we went to institute.

Thursday: Work and classes were great! I got a lot done.  After dinner Ben and I went to the Temple and it was lovely.  Afterwards we went and got ice cream at the Creamery. 

Friday: It SNOWED!!! It was crazy how much it snowed that morning. We went to campus for Ben to go to lab and for me to go to Jamba Juice with Sydney and Alex.  After those things, Ben and I went to an Advertising meeting for FOUR HOURS! We were going crazy by the end.  After our meeting, we had Anna come over and I made her a gluten free birthday dinner and we played games and watched Ella Enchanted after. 

Saturday: A CRAZY day! Ben and I worked for a bit on our advertizing project followed by a quick trip to a yard sale (we got the first Harry Potter for $1!) and to the Provo Bridal Fair.  After that we had lunch then met up with our advertizing group for another 2 hour meeting to work on our final project due on Monday.  After that, Ben and I left to go up to Lehi.  We had Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (and got free wings :) then went to go get our engagement pictures taken.  We had so much fun with Mike and Amy (and Bradley!) at Thanksgiving Point.  The gardens and flowers were beautiful! The pictures turned out really great. 

Here is a sneak peek :) 

Sunday: Happy Easter! Church was wonderful.  The messages were really great, especially in Relief Society. After church Ben and I went to pick up Bridger only to find out that he had to sing at a fireside and couldn’t come up to our grandparents’ for dinner.  Dinner was yummy and Ben and I stayed there for a while just talking to my family. 

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