Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding Plans

Happy summer! Well, for me it is :) This week I did a lot of wedding stuff since I start working full time next week and won't have big chunks of time I can devote to it.  So, some major things I got done this week were:
  • got lots of stuff for centerpieces 
  • got lots of ideas for decorations and research where to get the best deals on said decorations
  • got the skirts for Hannah, Angela and Anna (they are the perfect color! I was so happy to find them!)
  • started to gather food ideas for both receptions
  • got my wedding dress :) 

The only major things left to do this summer are:
  • finalize announcements, order/print them then send them out
  • fittings for my dress
  • order decorations
  • finalize food for the receptions
  • and probably a lot more little things that I am forgetting

In other news, Ben went to Washington D.C. on Friday for the whole summer! But, when he is done with Washington Seminar and his internship there he gets to fly to Arizona to spend time with me for a week before we head up to Utah and get everything ready for the wedding and our receptions. 

And lastly, as you have probably noticed, this summer I won't be doing my blogs in my typical day-by-day fashion.  Since mainly all I do is work (40 hours a week, sometimes more) there usually isn't too much exciting going on.  So this summer I'll just write a few highlights of my week (mostly wedding stuff I'm sure :)

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Ange said...

I'm so happy for you, Meagan! And is this the dress? It's beautiful! I love hearing about wedding stuff/planning . . . so keep it coming! :)