Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Week Back

My first week back at BYU has been so wonderful! I have loved getting back in the swing of things and getting together with my friends.  Strange to think that I could miss these amazing people (who I only met a mere four or five months ago) so much! I LOVED seeing everyone again and hanging out with them.  

Monday I finally got to Provo after an interesting flight into Salt Lake Sunday night.  I unpacked and just hung out with some of my best friends I have here at school :) 

Tuesday: FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!!! I started out with my 8:00 Spanish professor didn't show up...great way to start the day right?  I went to my only other class, Physical Science 110B, and was done by 3 :D

Wednesday: One of the craziest days of my life! I have six classes on Monday and Wednesday, I start at 8:00 and don't get home until 5:30.  I came home at noon for lunch and was almost to the point of tears.  I was ready for the day to be over and it was only 12:00! Luckily my friend came over and made me feel better which was followed by the best class of the semester: Social Dance 180.  I LOVE my dance class!! It is so much fun and I am REALLY looking forward to the dance labs and other fun activities that we do outside of the already amazing class.  

Thursday: Another day of classes, luckily only two :) It was also a day that I spent three hours in the library doing homework from the previous day.  I also went to the Temple with David.  That was really nice :) It was the first time in almost two months that I had been AND there was almost no one there.  We got there at 5:30 and had left by 7:00! I also went over to Emily's to talk and just kind of relax and de-stress about our first week of classes.  

Friday: I had my Spanish class at 8:00 and then was DONE for the day :DD After spending the morning in the library, I came home and Jordan came over for lunch.  Then I took a nap because I was super tired.  I woke up and made myself look decent before our GIRLS NIGHT!! Emily came over at 5:00 and she and I played the piano and sang until Sydney and Alex came over.  The four of us then went to the Creamery to get ice cream.  It was quite the trip, full of awkward sights and overheard conversations.  We then came back to my apartment and made french bread pizza followed by goofy games until we went to go pick up the guys to go to the dance which was a BLAST! I had so much fun goofing off with my friends.  Alex and Sydney came over after the dance and we watched (and sang to) Anastasia followed by boy talk, because what girls night would be complete without boy talk? ;)
Emily, me and ICE CREAM!!


Saturday was a very unproductive day.  I spent three hours in the library and got almost nothing done :( I came home and played the piano for about an hour then David came over and we played a duet and goofed off on the piano.  Then he went with me to the Creamery to get some milk and stuff for dinner.  Heather, David and I had dinner and dessert and talked for a while.  It was super fun :) After David left Heather and I had a movie night and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bedtime Stories.

This brings us to today.  I went to church and it was really good.  It felt fantastic to be back in my student ward.  After church, I went to a CES fireside (where Elder Christofferson spoke!) with David, Alec, and Jordan.  Then I ate, Skyped with the family, had hall meeting and ward prayer and that brings us to now, writing my blog :)

My life is crazy busy but still pretty boring.  Mostly consisting of class and homework and it's only the first week! I'm very excited for this new semester.  It is going to be tough but I think once I get a schedule down, it will be a lot better.  

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