Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

This last week has been overly fantastic.  I am still in shock about how drastically different it was from the previous week.  I am thinking that it was the sunshine: it made me (and everyone) super happy :D I don't think there was a single day this week where I was not in an overly happy/bubbly/fantastic mood.  This really has been one of the best weeks I have had in a really long time.

Monday~ Monday we did not have any classes (which was AMAZING!) So, we held a Breakfast Club meeting and it was a blast! I FINALLY got to use the waffle iron I got for Christmas :D In addition to our waffles, Alec made some of the most delicious bacon I have ever had in my entire life (sorry Hunter). The only down side to that was the fact that my apartment smelled like bacon ALL day long.  Luckily it was nice enough that I kept the window open for a good part of the day :) In addition to it being so lovely, I was able to hang out with my friend Emily for an hour or so (she gave me a singing lesson...) We also had an intense FHE.  We played Nerts and you could really tell we are like a real family because of all of the trash talking ;) It felt great :D
 Me making the waffles :-d
 Jordan and Sydney being...Jordan and Sydney.  I love them so much :)
 Please note the puff of smoke on the ceiling...that would be from Alec cooking the bacon
So typical: boys being boys, Sydney being Sydney and me trying to look normal 

Tuesday~ Another FANTASTIC day! The devotional was phenomenal! I also got a box from my mommy and I went on a date with Jason to an a cappella concert thing.
Devo! David, Emily and I go every single week and always sit together :) 

Wednesday~ Sunny and beautiful and feeling like...dare I say it...SPRING! My dance class was so much fun! I learned a TON of new steps to the foxtrot but I still needed serious work on following...

Thursday~ Let's see...I signed up for housing with my friend Emily and we saw Jordan and talked to him for a bit too.  Also, it was the first time EVER that we haven't had to re-do part of our cleaning check :D

Friday~ This was probably one of the best days this week :) First off, I only had two classes, both of which went very well.  Then I had lunch with one of my good friends followed by pounding it out on our newly TUNED piano! After taking a quick nap, I went to the geology lab to practice identifying minerals for a quiz I have this upcoming week.  The best part of the day (and week I think) was going to the Temple with Emily and David.  It was super packed but it really was one of the best Temple trips I have ever been on.  I felt so overwhelmingly happy and peaceful.  And being there with two of my greatest friends just made it a million times better.  The Temple President even was there and talked to us about how grateful he was that we were there waiting in the really long line to do baptisms for those people who have waited hundreds of years for their work to be done.
 BEAUTIFUL sunset we saw as we were about to go into the Temple
Me with David and Emily after doing baptisms.  I didn't think anything could make me happier than I had already been this last week, but going to the Temple did it :)

Saturday~ This was probably either tied for the best day of the week or came in at a close second.  I got up and was pretty productive for a few hours then went to the library to be even more productive.  I worked on homework and my Relief Society lesson pretty much nonstop from 10:00 am until 4:00 in the afternoon.  But after 4:00, my day was FANTASTIC! I met Jason in the Wilk so he could help me practice my foxtrot.  I know all of the steps pretty well but I have serious issues with following and not anticipating.  So, Jason was kind enough to practice leading me.  We worked on it for 45 minutes and I feel SO much better and more confident in my dancing ability.  After dancing, Heather and I went to the Creamery to grab some dinner.  Then Heather had a hang-out/date/movie thing (I'm not really quite sure what it was) at our apartment so I went over to Emily's and we called David and spent time in the Eyring Science Building and the HFAC looking at the cool things :) Then we went to Emily's for ice cream and ended up talking until curfew.  It was so much fun! I LOVE talking to those two :D
 Hehehe, silly Emily

I love my Emily SOOOO much! (even if she doesn't want her picture taken ;)

Sunday~ Church was amazing.  The talks and music during Sacrament meeting were so beautiful and made me feel even happier than I already was.  My lesson in Relief Society went well.  I am really enjoying teaching in Relief Society.  At first I was super intimidated because I didn't really like teaching people my own age but now, I LOVE preparing the lessons and giving them.  I am definitely supposed to be a teacher :) After church, I came home and cleaned up a little before starting to make dinner.  Heather got home from choir practice and David and Jason came over for dinner.  It was really good, if I do say so myself.  It was really nice too just to sit around the kitchen table and talk about the randomness of the freshman college life.  Jason gave an idea to David and I for the next Breakfast Club: gummy bear pancakes.
Sorry, I really liked my outfit for church today and thought I would share :)


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