Sunday, January 16, 2011

Foxtrot, Russia, Dad and Stoplights

Overall, this week was not an overly fantastic week.  There are only a few highlights.

Foxtrot~This is the first dance that we are learning in my Social Dance class.  It is SO much fun! I love learning how to actually dance.  It is a WONDERFUL class and I am very glad that I am taking it.  I am decent at most of the steps we have learned so far except for the turn and the swing step.  I just need more practice but sadly I won't have my class again until next Wednesday :(

Russia~One of my oldest and best friends ever got his mission call.  He is going to the Russia, Novosibirsk mission! I am so proud of Tyler.  Him getting his mission call really hit me hard that we are growing up! I remember when we were still in Primary together, how he had always talked about going on a mission when he was 19.  It is so wonderful to see him fulfilling the goal that he has had since we were little.  I wasn't able to go see him open his call but I still felt honored because I was the second person he called, his grandparents were first :)
Tyler and I dancing at Chuck E. Cheese when we were little.  Even then we both knew that he was going to be a missionary some day :)

Dad~Another highlight of the week was that my Dad came! He has meetings for work on Monday but flew in Friday night and spent the weekend at my grandparents' and hanging out with me :D He picked me up Saturday morning and we went shopping at Costco and Wal-mart for a few things that I needed.  After that we went "car shopping." Well it was more like browsing.  My dad thinks that he needs a Corvette so we went to go look at some.  I got to sit in one and my dad wanted me to take his picture sitting in one, so I did.  

Now when he calls me on my cell phone this picture comes up along with his Darth Vader, "I am your father" ringtone.  After looking at cars (I found a BEAUTIFUL green Camaro that I liked a million times more than the Corvette ;) we headed to his parents and went to lunch at Rodizio Grill.  It was so delicious :-d We spent the rest of the day watching football and spending time at Cabela's.  My dad was shocked to find out that I have never shot a gun nor have I ever been to the Cabela's in Highland.  I was almost disowned...
Sunday, I went up to my grandparents' to have Sunday dinner with them, my dad and his sister and her family.  I LOVE spending time with  my family :) They are so awesome, I love them so much.
Me and two of my cousins: Marley and Mitchell

Stoplights~Saturday night, after getting back from American Fork, there was a stoplight dance for all of the on-campus housing residents.  Normally at a stoplight dance, you wear a color depending on your relationship status: green-single, yellow-"it's complicated" and red-taken.  I was explaining this to my family when I was with them and we made so many jokes about the dance and how silly it was.  The best part was when my grandpa found a Christmas light necklace that lit up.  When you pushed a button, green and red lights flashed.  So I wore it to the dance.  My family warned me that it would be sending "mixed signals" to the guys I was dancing with.  Us making fun of the dance was so much fun!

Well, my friend Emily had a FANTASTIC idea to dress up as actual stoplights.  (When my dad heard this he suggested that we make an arrow and move it to the color we wanted it to be according to the guy we were with...hehehe)

Me and Emily in our stoplight attire.  Please take note of my GREEN earrings and Emily's GREEN socks.  So we kind of participated accurately ;)
Now for Westin and David. Also please note that Westin is wearing a blue shirt which has nothing to do with a stoplight at all and David is wearing an orange shirt underneath his black one.  Again nothing to do with a stoplight, but whatever, we had fun :)

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