Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Typical Week as a BYU Cougar

Oh, BYU.  I love it here so much! It is the perfect place for me.  I love the way it feels here.  But I seriously think one of my favorite parts of the whole BYU Experience is the fact that there are so many stereotypes what makes it even better is that the stereotypes are alive and real.  It's so fantastic! So, here is another summary and let's see how many stereotypical BYU situations I encountered this week...

Monday~Monday, the day I spent 13 hours on campus.  That was not such a good idea...I left for my 8:00 class and walked home with Jordan at 12:00 followed by going to my 1:00 class and other afternoon classes.  Then I went to the geology lab to study for a quiz, grabbed a bite at the Cougareat and spent the rest of my night with my good ol' buddy Harold.  At 10:00 Jordan came to walk me home. As we were walking, Alec met us in the parking lot and then I got one of the coolest hugs ever and then went to bed.

  • Eating at the Cougareat
  • Spending the night in the Harold B. Lee Library
  • Having a guy walk me home from the library

Tuesday~It SNOWED like CRAZY on Tuesday! It was, of course, the one day that I wore my longest pair of jeans and tennis shoes and a sweatshirt when I went to class.  It also happened to be the ONE DAY that I didn't check the weather before leaving my apartment.  Oh well.  It wasn't really cold, my head just got covered in snow which then melted leaving me with a very wet head.  I met Emily and David at the bell tower to go to devotional together.  After devotional, I had lunch and ran over to my lab and science lecture.  That night, Heather and I went upstairs to an apartment for dinner which was delicious! 

  • Going to devotional
  • Having dinner with another apartment

Wednesday~Wednesday was probably one of the best days of the week (it was so special I even blogged about it! Aren't you lucky to get two posts in one week?!?) Well first off, my classes were good.  My dance class was especially fun because we finally finished the foxtrot and pretty much had free range as to what we wanted to practice.  I actually danced with a guy I hadn't danced with before and he was REALLY good at leading and at doing all of the steps.  I think I may ask him to be my partner when we test in a week or two.  We also started to learn the basic step of the cha cha.  I'm really bad at it. I guess that just means I need to practice :) I got 100% on my Doctrine and Covenants quiz and I talked to my mommy :) So, I came home and was super productive so I could finish my homework before the big game.  BYU (#9) played SDSU (#4) and it was AWESOME! David, Emily and Westin came over to watch it with me...well, they did homework and sort of watched it while I was talking to the TV.  My dad called and had me try to Skype the game to him but that didn't last long.  Anyways, we WON!! It was such a good game.  There is now a new verb in the BYU lingo: to Jimmer as in, "SDSU just got Jimmered!" After the game, the five of us went over to Alec's to watch him open his mission call (if you want to read more about it look at my previous post).  On the way over to his hall, there were screams and cheers and shouts of victory.  BYU was WIRED!! And all of it was without the use of alcohol :) Yeah, we're pretty awesome like that.

  • Taking social dance
  • Religion class
  • BYU Men's Basketball 
  • Jimmer-mania
  • Going to a mission call opening
  • Partying without the use of alcohol

Thursday~Thursday was pretty much filled with classes, laundry and a mid-term.  Nothing much really happened

  • Not really any unless you count classes, laundry and a mid-term but those are typical of ANY college student

Friday~Another one of my best days of the week.  First off it was BEAUTIFUL again! So sunny, I probably didn't even need to wear my sweatshirt.  So I had my class at 8 and my class at 11 and was productive in the Wilk. in between those two classes.  After class, I went over to my friend's apartment for lunch and it was REALLY good.  After lunch, I came home and prepped for my RA interview.  It went pretty well, I think...After walking home in the lovely sunshine, I chilled for a bit with Heather before going to Emily's to meet up with her and David to go to the Men's Volleyball opener. We won! It was really fun to watch volleyball again :) Probably one of the best parts was when the announcer found a couple on a date and was asking them questions. After their little interview, he said "Let's hear it for dating! *cheers* Let's hear it for hanging out! *more cheers* Let's hear it for the Friend Zone! *even MORE cheers*" After the game I went over to Emily's apartment where we watched some movies and talked and made a Creamery run.  

  • Studying in the Wilk
  • Lunch with a friend
  • Volleyball game
  • Movie night with friends
  • Creamery runs

Saturday~I woke up at 9:30 and got ready.  Then I caught up on some reading.  Took a nap at noon and woke up at 1:30.  Then I made some lunch and went the library for a bit.  I also went with Heather to pick up her brother's car.  When we got back from that we went to the Creamery for dinner followed by watching TV for a little bit before David and I went to a movie for my Spanish class at the International Cinema.  After the movie, Heather and I were up for a while, finally going to bed at around 2:00 am.

  • Creamery for dinner
  • International Cinema

Sunday~Today was another really good week at church.  The speakers and musical numbers for Sacrament meeting were again fantastic.  We had a combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting that was also really good.  Heck, even Sunday School was good! I Skyped my family and had hall meeting and ward prayer which brings us to now :)

  • Student Ward
  • Hall Meeting
  • Ward Prayer

There are just things that every BYU Cougar does.  I am most definitely a Cougar :) I'm looking forward to another week in the life of a typical BYU co-ed.  This week I have classes, a mid-term, another mission call opening, speed dating and probably a movie night with a friend or two.  Oh to be a Cougar :)

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